Need for Nestling | Set of Vintage Rattan Nestling Tables

Set of Vintage Rattan Nesting Tables

Growing up as as single child, all you ever wanted was a slew of siblings surrounding you. This unrequited love probably explains why you now have a fondness for things that nestle like your needy dachsunds and these nestling tables.

This set of vintage rattan nesting tables is the perfect about of cozy.

22 in tall x 22 in wide x 18 in deep


18th Century Vibes | Large Vintage Painting of Horses and Elephants by Maitland-Smith

Large Vintage Painting of Horses and Elephants by Maitland-Smith

Don’t let the 18th century vibe of this artwork fool you, Maitland-Smith was just founded in 1979 by a London antique dealer and designer. They first got started by reproducing chippendale mahogany dining chairs and later moved on to masterpieces such as this one.

This large vintage painting by Maitland-Smith features a variety of horses and elephants.

23 in wide x 76 in tall


Fido Impressions | Vintage Metal Console Table

Vintage Metal Console Table

Spruce up your dull entry way with this stylish table that also double as an impressive first impression for arriving guests. Place a mirror above it and a statement table lamp and photos of Fido at the beach on to.

This vintage metal console table features a bronze finish and two shelves.

15 in deep x 25 in tall x 60 in long


Window To Your Soul | Vintage Japanese Shoji Screen

Vintage Japanese Shoji Screen

In Japanese architecture, a shōji is a door, window or room divider sometimes consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood. Use this gorgeous screen as either fashion or function and you won’t be disappointed either way.

This vintage Japanese Shoji screen was beautifully hand painted and embellished with mother of pearl figurines.

Each panel is 17 3/4 in wide x 72 in tall


Orchard Overload | Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Fruitwood is, you guess it, any wood from a fruit tree. More specifically, it’s the woody growth of the scion of any grafted fruit tree above the graft. By contrast, the rootstock is the part of the plant below the graft.

Each of these vintage fruitwood nightstands features three drawers and a pull out table.

16 in deep x 26 in wide x 26 1/2 in tall


Fancy Fretwork | Vintage Asian-style Dining Table


Don’t know what fretwork is? Don’t fret! Carved in low relief or on a solid background, fretwork refers to a decorative design that is often geometric and interlaced. You can find fretwork patterns in any material but the most common ones are wood and metal.

This vintage Asian-style dining table in hardwood features a beautiful fretwork top.

71 in long x 35 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall


Tantrum Thrower | Vintage Italian Portrait of a Boy

Vintage Italian Portrait of a Boy

The reasons children throw tantrums may vary but the process is usually similar; five minutes of alligator tears, then furrowed brows and curled lips, followed by a sharp return to equilibrium. 

This vintage Italian painting features a portrait of a boy with furrowed brows. 

14 1/2 in x 17 1/2 in


Make Believe | Set of Four Vintage Colonial Style Dining Chairs by STICKLEY

Set of Four Vintage Colonial Style Dining Chairs by STICKLEY

Your dreams of living on a farmhouse may never be realized (the thought of waking up to an onerous rooster before you’ve had your cup of coffee sounds less than appealing), but at least you can make believe for a brief moment.

This set of four vintage colonial style dining chairs by STICKLEY are ready for your tender love and care. 

19 in deep x 23 in wide x 36 in tall


Hopeless Romantics | Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Whenever we make progress technologically speaking there’s always a group of nostalgic folks clinging to the remnants of the past. These are the hopeless romantics, the daydreamers, the memory keepers.

This vintage wicker etagere wall unit was hand crafted and features a storage cabinet and space for a record player.

18 in x 54 in x 77 in tall


Night Owl Syndrome | Mid-century Owl Painting

Mid-century Owl Painting

Though you no longer spend long hours dancing on dimly lit dance floors, you still haven’t been able to shake your night owl syndrome. You’re quite content, though, with perusing vintage furniture online while your loved ones sleep soundly. 

This mid-century owl painting knows who’s who. 

32 in wide x 40 in tall