Up and Coming | Pair of Beautifully Decorated Asian Ceramic Lamps

Pair of Beautifully Decorated Asian Ceramic Lamps

If living in a museum has always appealed to you, then these lamps will too. Just make sure your membership fee is fairly priced and that you frequently showcase up and coming contemporary artists. Otherwise you run the risk of becoming a dusty old place no one likes to visit.

This pair of beautifully decorated Asian ceramic lamps are functional pieces of art. 

8 in wide x 20 in tall


Inner Compass | Pair of Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamps by Marboro

Pair of Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamps by Marboro

The next time you feel powerless and defeated, imagine you’re a sunflower, strong and sturdy, stretching your arms towards the sun. Your inner compass instinctively knows when you need nourishment and will guide you home every time.

Each of these large mid-century ceramic lamps by Marboro was handcrafted in Italy and features an exquisite sunflower and gold leafed trim.

9 in wide x 40 in tall


Return to You | Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamp

Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamp

If you feel imbalanced, like the world around you is slowly falling apart, perhaps it's a sign that you need a timeout, an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the things that matter the most. Journal, meditate, or listen to relaxing music. Do whatver you have to do to return to you.

This large mid-century ceramic lamp set features an inlayed design.

15 in wide x 22 in tall


The Magical | Large and Classic Ceramic Lamp by Marbro

Large and Classic Ceramic Lamp by Marbro

Audiobooks are great for expanding your mind while your senses focus on other things like driving, but they will never take the place of a physical (and somehow magical) paperback; the weight of knowledge your hand, the sense of accomplishment you feel with every page turned, and the smell of crisp paper. 

This large and classic ceramic lamp by Marbro is the perfect gift for the intellectual in the family who already has every book in the world.  

10 in wide x 38 in tall


Nautical Nostalgia | Pair of Nautical Ceramic Lamps

Pair of Nautical Ceramic Lamps

Your favorite pastime involves rocking back and forth on a boat, letting the sun warm you from the inside out.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always comply with your desires. Sometimes it’s necessary to bring the nautical nostalgia indoors. 

This pair of nautical themed, handcrafted ceramic lamps have gorgeous brass details.

9 in wide x 24 in tall


Win Win | Large Vintage Ceramic Platter

Large Vintage Ceramic Platter

If you pile sweet treats onto a botanically themed platter, you'll not only be saving the planet one paper plate at a time, but you'll likely feel less guilty about all the calories you're consuming since the color green has a harmonious side effect.

This large vintage ceramic platter features a Leaf motif. 

18 in round 


Spice of Life | Large Ceramic Bowl by Mary Rose Young

Large Ceramic Bowl

With this colorfully bejeweled and adorned bowl in the room, you'll instantly spice up any brunch, tea party, or drab Monday.

This large ceramic bowl by Mary Rose Young features a flower and jewel design. Bowl was crafted in England in 2002. 

15 in round x 8 in tall


No Matter the Weather | Vintage Ceramic Sculpture by Haeger Pottery

Vintage Ceramic Sculpture by Haeger Pottery

Regardless of how strong the storm is, you always have each other to hold onto. Life is not always easy but it is definitely rewarding. 

This vintage ceramic sculpture by Hager Pottery was crafted in 1990. This would make a great for any couple celebrating a wedding or an anniversary. 

15 in round x 15 in tall


Open Doors | 1970s Orange Ceramic Lamp

1970s Orange Ceramic Lamp

Identifying the stressors in your life and then devising a plan of attack to prevent those stressors from happening again (or at least mitigating the effect they have on you), will open doors you didn't even know existed. 

This large 1970s orange ceramic lamp is a burst of brightness no matter the weather.

12 in wide x 24 in tall