Vintage Lighting Sale - Friday October 26 through Sunday October 28

Murano Glass Lamp, $225      

First Annual Lighting Extravaganza

$49 Select Lamps Available

20% Off All Other Lighting

10/26 To 10/28 Only

The crisp Fall weather is slowly creeping in and the days are getting shorter and shorter. We know how much you hate bring left in the dark, so why don't you let Casa Victoria shine some light your way?

In honor of the upcoming Daylight Savings Time, Casa Victoria LA is having a Lighting Blowout on Friday, 10/27, Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th. 

There will be a large selection of Table Lamps available for only $49 (including all of the ones on this page.) In addition, all of our other lighting (floor lampsarc lamps, and chandeliers) will be 20% off the original price.

Wood and Aluminum Mid-Century 		Lamp
70s Mod Table Lamp
Porcelain Asian Lamp
Colonial Boy Bust Plaster Lamp
70s Amber Lamp
70s Blue Pottery Lamp
Marlboro Lamp
Red Faux Croc Lamp
Vintage Brass Lamp
1950s Southwest Pottery Lamp
Fruit Stripe Lamp
Native American Bust Lamps