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1980’s Vintage Furniture from Casa victoria Los Angeles

For over two decades, Casa Victoria has been a favorite source for art directors, set designers and studio shoppers. Our unique merchandise has been in dozens of feature films, television shows and commercials.

We have a wide array of eras to choose from. Whether you are working on a mid century themed feature film or an 80’s Sci Fi adventure or maybe a more recent 90's era TV show, we have the details that make for an award winning set design.

Casa Victoria Vintage Furniture For Studios and Set Designers

The Television Revolution

Casa Victoria's merchandise has been placed in shows as diverse as HBO's, "Euphoria", Starz's "VIDA", and CBS's "Young Sheldon" and the up-coming hit "Why Women Kill".

You may have got the big pieces in but now you need to dress the set - you need the bookends, the picture frames the Vase or sculpture and of course you need the appropriate Chandelier.

Casa Victoria has all the little details that go towards making the set a perfect representation of the time you’re working in.

Casa Victoria Vintage 80’s Furniture For Set Designers And Studios

Vintage Rental or Vintage Purchase

One of Casa Victoria’s key differentiators is our pricing policy. Unlike most of the larger vintage stores in Los Angeles our low overhead allows us to offer outstanding merchandise at prices similar to, and often cheaper than, what you would rent from a traditional prop house.

If you want to avoid the hassle of constantly renting, returning, renting again and then suddenly having to extend the rental until you’re paying triple what you should have - then Casa Victoria should be at the top of your list of places to shop.

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