Future Fashion | Pair of Basket Woven Terra Cotta Lamps

Pair of Basket Woven Terra Cotta Lamps

In a hundred years from now, what objects will museum curators select to represent our society as a whole? An iPhone? A plastic water bottle? A pair of skinny jeans from H & M? Hopefully, there is a curator in the future who gives those with impeccable taste a head nod instead of just using gallery space to shame prior fast fashion lovers.

This pair of 1980 “basket woven” terra cotta lamps belong in a Natural History Museum in the future.

20 in tall x 14 in wide x 10 in deep

$295 pair

Clarity of Thought | Vintage Regency Turquoise Chenille Settee

Vintage Regency Turquoise Chenille Settee

The color turquoise promotes communication and clarity of thought. In addition, it creates emotional balance and stability. So the next time you need to hash it out with a loved one, make sure you’re both parked on this beauty.

This vintage regency settee features a turquoise chenille upholstery.

60 in wide x 33 in deep x 28 in tall


Little Chicks | Leather Hacienda-style Love Seat

Leather Hacienda-style Love Seat

Only once you’re done feeding the chickens and plowing the field, can you finally put your feet up and relax. And by chickens I mean children and by field I mean to-do list.

This leather hacienda-style love seat features large tack detailing.

40 in deep x 65 in wide x 34 in tall


Raise the Caliber | Oversized Console Altar Table with Chinese Design

Oversized Console Altar Table

The only problem with this table is that when you bring her home, you’ll immediately have to raise the caliber of every single thing that touches her surface or shares the same air as her. And don’t even think about placing some IKEA or Home Goods tchotchkes nearby.

This oversized console/altar table features a classic Chinese design, fretwork and beautiful hand carved detailing.

84 in long x 15 in day x 33 in tall


Tired Caboose | Pair of Classic French style Bergère Chairs

Pair of Classic French style Bergere Chairs

Wondering what to write in a house warming card? Here is some inspiration: May you always have a comfy landing pad for your tired caboose.

This pair of classic French-style Bergère chairs was handcrafted in North Carolina. Each chair has a compact size making it perfect for a small living room or bedroom. 

30 in wide x 30 in deep x 40 in tall x 19 seat height


Goes 'Round, Comes 'Round | Classic Round Ming-style Coffee Table

Ming Style Coffee Table

What goes ‘round comes ‘round, especially when you consider the positive impacts that buying sustainably has on the environment. Buy vintage, save the trees.

This classic round Ming-style coffee table features Asian hardwood.

15 1/2 in tall x 42 in round


The Legend | 1987 Painting of Ray Charles

1987 Painting of Ray Charles

If your nickname was “The Genius” and are now considered the pioneer of soul music, I think it’s safe to say you are not only A legend, but THE legend.

This original artwork entitled “The Colors of Ray ’87” was painted by artist Patrick Johnson, illustrator. C.1987.

30 in wide x 42 in long


Hidden Wisdom | Mid-century Lamp Featuring Three Brass Cobras

Mid-century Lamp Featuring Three Brass Cobras

Did you know that the cobra has been used to symbolize hidden wisdom in ancient times, especially in Egypt? If not, then you could probably use a little more cobra in your life. Or three.

This amazing mid-century lamp features three brass cobras. 

32 in tall x 13 in wide x 13 in deep


Serious Storage | Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Even if you decide to fill these drawers with your colorful socks and Tweety Bird pajamas, your reputation won’t be tarnished. From the outside, your adulting status will be 100%.

This unique six drawer dresser features a rope trim from Bali and glass top.

 58 in wide x 34 in tall x 21 in deep


Need for Nestling | Set of Vintage Rattan Nestling Tables

Set of Vintage Rattan Nesting Tables

Growing up as as single child, all you ever wanted was a slew of siblings surrounding you. This unrequited love probably explains why you now have a fondness for things that nestle like your needy dachsunds and these nestling tables.

This set of vintage rattan nesting tables is the perfect about of cozy.

22 in tall x 22 in wide x 18 in deep


Slothing Around | Pair of Art Deco Era Club Chairs

Pair of Art Deco Era Club Chairs

If you have a partner who enjoys nights in as much as you, put a ring on it! The only thing better than slothing around is slothing around with someone you love.

This pair of art deco era club chairs features carved arms and chenille fabric.

29 in wide x 36 in deep x 31 in tall x 16 seat height


Respect the Rattan | Large Rattan and Rawhide Glass Top Dining Table

Large Rattan and Rawhide Glass Top Dining Table

Glass and metal can come across as pretentious and cold, kind of like your mother-in-law. Glass and rattan, however, commands respect sans intimidation.

This large rattan and rawhide glass top dining table has been attributed to McGuire of San Francisco. 

30 in tall x 52 in round


Adulting At Its Finest | Classic Faux Bamboo Arm Chair by Palecek

Classic Faux Bamboo Arm Chair by Palecek

At what point do you become an “adult”? The real answer is “never”. But when you start going to bed before 10pm, getting excited about buying a new washing machine, or redecorating the living room, you’re pretty close.

This classic faux bamboo arm chair hand crafted by Palecek features a cane trim .

26 in wide x 28 in deep x 38 in tall


Strategic Square-down | Large Onyx and Marble Chess Set Handcrafted in Pakistan

Large chess set handcrafted in Pakistan

Because your dad let you stay up late to play chess with him as a youth, you now do the same for your son. There is nothing like bonding over a strategic square-down.

This large chess set was handcrafted in Pakistan from  multi green onyx and white marble. 

16 x 16