Serious Storage | Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Unique Six Drawer Dresser

Even if you decide to fill these drawers with your colorful socks and Tweety Bird pajamas, your reputation won’t be tarnished. From the outside, your adulting status will be 100%.

This unique six drawer dresser features a rope trim from Bali and glass top.

 58 in wide x 34 in tall x 21 in deep


Respect the Rattan | Large Rattan and Rawhide Glass Top Dining Table

Large Rattan and Rawhide Glass Top Dining Table

Glass and metal can come across as pretentious and cold, kind of like your mother-in-law. Glass and rattan, however, commands respect sans intimidation.

This large rattan and rawhide glass top dining table has been attributed to McGuire of San Francisco. 

30 in tall x 52 in round


Functional Deco | Vintage Square Brass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass Coffee Table

Art deco is glamorous and elegant, sure, but also practical and functional. This coffee table would pair well with botanical wallpaper, a pair of boxy club chairs, and a potent highball. 

This vintage brass coffee table features rounded corners and a beveled glass top.

40 in x 40 in x 17 in


Roman Numeral | Modern-style Roman Numeral Coffee Table by Xcella Furniture

Modern-style Roman Numeral Coffee Table by Xcella Furniture

Round coffee tables are an invitation to deep conversations and evenings that run into morning. 

This modern-style hand polished stainless steel coffee table by Xcella features roman numerals 1-10 in the base’s design and a black, tempered glass top. 

40 in round x 17 in tall 


First Impression | 1980s LANE Console Table

1980s LANE Console Table

In your twenties, you were occupied with impressing everyone. In your thirties, you more worried about impressing your loved ones. Now that you're in your forties, you don't try to impress anyone but your damn self. 

This 1980s LANE console table was handcrafted in Virginia. 

56 in long x 26 in tall x 16 in deep


Defending Decor | Pair of Metal End Tables

Pair of Metal End Tables

After going from one monogamous relationship to the next, you've finally decided to give living alone a chance.  The most exciting part? Getting to decorate without having to defend your decisions.

Each of these metal end tables features a beveled glass top.

22 in wide x 24 in deep x 22 in tall


Grade A | Round Vintage Table With Wrought Iron

Round Vintage Table With Wrought Iron

A professor's work is never done. After you get home from office hours you are lucky if you have some time left before hopping into bed and starting all over again. And if you do manage to have some down time, it's usually spent grading papers. 

This vintage table was crafted with wrought iron and features a one inch thick glass top. Table would make a great place to stack students' papers (as well as a tall glass of wine) while you are grading.

25 in tall x 24 in round