Celebrate Companionship | Custom Made Ming-style China Cabinet

Custom Made Ming-style China Cabinet

Unlike your mother and grandmother, you actually use the “fine china” on any particular occasion, not just the ones deemed special by capitalism. To you, your friends coming over are enough reason to celebrate.

This custom made, Ming-inspired china cabinet was beautifully handcrafted. The cabinet features plenty of storage, silverware drawers and lights and comes with original brass hardware.

63 w x 18 d x 82 t


Big Kids | Mid-century Dresser by American of Martinsville

Mid-century Dresser by American of Martinsville

Though you’re a kid at heart who still frequents Disneyland and indulges in gummy fruit snacks on the reg, you take your home decorating very seriously. Even big kids need time out.

This mid-century dresser by American of Martinsville comes with its original mirror and features nine drawers and original brass hardware.

70 in long x 20 in deep x 32 in tall


The Fruits of Labor | Classic Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Classic Brass and Glass Coffee Table

The stars align, the gods smile down on you and your gait is as airy as the gentle breeze. On days like these, when everything you touch turns to gold (or in this case….brass) don’t waste time worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Instead, enjoy the good fortune and remind yourself that you deserve the very best that life has to offer!

This classic coffee table features a brass frame with ornately sculpted legs and a glass top. 

27 in deep x 52 in long x 15 in tall


Deliberate Decor | Vintage Tri-arc Lamp by Nova of California


After attending meeting after meeting with no purpose or call to action, you’ll need a haven you can retreat to —preferably one that’s been decorated deliberately.

This vintage tri-arc lamp by Nova of California features a brass finish and a faux marble base. 


Classy Not Flashy | Classic Italian Coffee Table With Brass Finish

Classic Italian Coffee Table With Brass Finish

Like wearing one statement piece of jewelry, such as a gold arm band, incorporating a splash of brass into your decor says “classy, not flashy”.

This classic Italian coffee table features a brass finish.

28 in wide x 50 in long x 16 1/2 in tall


Stop in the Name of Vanity | 1970s Hexagonal Brass Mirror

1970s Hexagonal Brass Mirror

You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you. All jokes aside, if you’re a human it’s likely you check yourself out in the mirror several times daily. What exactly are we looking for? To make sure we don’t have a hair out of place, food stuck in our teeth, or lipstick smeared on our chin? Whatever your reasoning, reflect responsibly!

This 1970s hexagonal brass mirror is a beveled masterpiece.

23 in x 23 in


Pride and Prejudice | Chrome Regency-style Etagere

Chrome Regency-style Etagere

If your favorite genre of books is less than hip (I’m looking at you business leadership aficionados), doesn’t mean you can’t display them with pride. It just means your display must be extraordinary.

This chrome Regency-style etagere has five shelves and a brass trim 

83 in tall x 15 in deep x 30 in wide 


Attitude of Gratitude | Classic Brass Console Table

Classic Brass Console Table

There's no doubt your taste has refined since you were in college, yet your attitude of gratitude remains the same. You used to be grateful if your roommate remembered to take out the trash. Now you are grateful for having a snazzy foyer to drop your keys (and a housekeeper who takes out the trash.) 

This classic brass console table features a glass top.

54 in wide x 16 in deep x 28 in tall


Less Is More, More, More | Mid-century Dresser

Mid-century Dresser Brass Hardware

Though your minimalist lifestyle was initially inspired by your square footage shortage, you're quite proud of the fact that you now own less than 5 pairs of socks. 

This mid-century dresser features three drawers, original brass hardware, and a mirror. It’s the perfect size for a small apartment. 

36 in wide x 18 in deep x 66 in tall


The Top Shelf | 1980s Brass Finish Etagere

1980s Brass Finish Etagere

You may not have married a tall drink of water, but he's got a sweet disposition. What he lacks in height he makes up for in kindness. You'd rather spend money on step stools and ladders today than therapy in the future. 

This 1980s brass finish etagere features four glass shelves.

38 in wide x 16 in deep x 76 in tall


Functional Deco | Vintage Square Brass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass Coffee Table

Art deco is glamorous and elegant, sure, but also practical and functional. This coffee table would pair well with botanical wallpaper, a pair of boxy club chairs, and a potent highball. 

This vintage brass coffee table features rounded corners and a beveled glass top.

40 in x 40 in x 17 in


Safe and Sound | 1980s Modern-style Cedar Trunk by LANE

1980s Modern-style Cedar Trunk by LANE

This classy trunk will keep all of your quirky collector's items (Beanie Babies, Star Wars bedsheets, mermaid Snuggies) safe and sound.

This 1980s modern-style cedar trunk by LANE features a lacquered finish and sits on a brass-trimmed platform base.  

48 in wide x 17 in tall x 16 1/2 in deep  


Trying Too Hard | 1980s Modern-style Highboy Dresser by LANE

1980s Modern-style Highboy Dresser by LANE

Just like a monochromatic outfit with a metallic accent is classy to the nth degree, this dresser is cool without trying too hard. 

This 1980’s modern-style highboy dresser by LANE features a lacquered finish on a brass-trimmed lacquered base. 

36 in wide x 52 1/2 in tall x 18 in deep 


Reading Lights Me Up | Vintage Adjustable Brass Floor Lamp

Vintage Adjustable Brass Floor Lamp

The best place to consume a novel would be on a sunny beach somewhere, perhaps with a mojito (or La Croix) in hand. If you don't live near a beach (or you are sand averse), the next best place would be in a cozy arm chair in the comfort of your own home.

This vintage adjustable brass floor lamp features a leaf-style shade.

42 in tall x 17 in deep 


Minimalist by Default | Vintage Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass and Glass Table

In your previous relationship, your apartment was minimalist by default because you two could never agree on anything, including home furnishings. Now that you’re single, you can decorate how you damn well please. 

This vintage brass and glass coffee table was crafted in Italy and features a 3/4 inch beveled glass top.

42 in round x 17 in tall