Park It | Classic French-style Laurent Love Seat by Restoration Hardware

Classic French-style Laurent Love Seat by Restoration Hardware

Finding a parking spot sometimes takes longer than the total commute. All the more reason to stay parked on the sofa. 

This classic French-style “Laurent” love seat by Restoration Hardware features a black oak trim, Belgian linen, and down cushions. 

63 in long x 32 in deep x 31 in tall with 18 seat height


Enough is Not Enough | Classic 1980s Cerused Oak Dresser by Jay Spectre

1980s Jay Spectre Dresser

Just like Oreos, batteries, and toilet paper, you can never have enough storage or closet space. May your cup runneth over (and that you have plenty of paper towels to sop it up with afterward.)

This classic 1980’s cerused oak dresser by Jay Spectre for Century Furniture features seven drawers, unusual aluminum banding, and platform base. Comes with original mirror.

$1295 set

SOLD | Desert Bones | Mission-style Oak Sofa

Mission-style Oak Sofa

No matter where in the world the wind takes you, your Southwestern roots will always ground you in body and mind. Occasionally your desert bones quietly crave an afternoon monsoon to provide relief from the most brutal of summer days or a clear night's sky illuminated by thousands of twinkling stars. 

This vintage mission-style sofa features an oak frame with a beautiful southwest-style fabric.

87 in long x 37 in deep x 32 in tall


Dine Bright | 1980s Modern-style Chandelier

1980s Modern-style Chandelier

Eating dinner in the dark is not only dangerous (why does my tiramisu taste like mustard?), it can also be quite messy (crumbs, crumbs, oh my god crumbs -- they are EVERYWHERE!) 

This 1980s modern-style chandelier was crafted from oak and brass and features four lights.

8 in tall x 18 in wide


Cozy Night In | 1980s Oak Bar

1980s Oak Bar

Now that it's getting colder outside, it's time to start planning cozy nights in. I suggest investing in a few bottles of nice scotch and the card game, Cards Against Humanity.

This 1980s oak bar features a service area, glass racks, large cabinet space and an illuminated top.

32 in wide x 20 in deep x 80 in tall