Goes 'Round, Comes 'Round | Classic Round Ming-style Coffee Table

Ming Style Coffee Table

What goes ‘round comes ‘round, especially when you consider the positive impacts that buying sustainably has on the environment. Buy vintage, save the trees.

This classic round Ming-style coffee table features Asian hardwood.

15 1/2 in tall x 42 in round


Sturdy Days | Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

If you’re currently raising a few bulls in a china shop, investing in a sturdy piece of iron furniture isn’t such a bad idea.

This original, mid-century iron dining table by Arthur Umanoff comes with 1/2 in thick smoked glass top. 

49 1/2 in round x 29 1/2 in tall


Squared Up | 1950s French Provincial Tables

1950s French Provincial Tables

If something doesn't make sense yet, just keep digging. There will always be clarity and understanding when patience and time precede it. 

Each of these 1950s French provincial tables features an inlayed top.

17 in round x 27 in tall


Stop, Drop, and Roll | 1930s Drop Top Table

1930s Drop Top Table

Want to make more space in your studio apartment when guests visit? Easy! Drop the top of your dining table which also happens to double as your desk, vanity and entertainment center. 

This 1930s drop top table would know exactly what to do in a fire; stop, drop, and roll.

22 in round x 30 in tall


Dig In | Classic Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table

Classic Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table

A rounded table ensures that all your dinner guests feel included in the conversation regardless of their social adeptness. Bonus, everyone has the same access to the main course. Dig in!

This classic and contemporary pedestal dining table features a 20-inch extension.

30 in tall x 46 in 


Maritime Aficionado | Round Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid-century Coffee Table Metal Wood

There is something nautical (and therefore majestic) about this prestigious coffee table. It reminds me of a ship's helm (also known as a steering wheel for those who aren't maritime aficionados.) Aye! C’mere, me beauty.

This mid-century coffee table blends both metal and wood beautifully.

40 in round x 15 in tall


Bamboozled Bamboo | Classic 1980s Bamboo and Glass Coffee Table by McGuire

Classic 1980s Bamboo and Glass Coffee Table

Bamboozle me once, shame on you. Bamboozle me twice, shame on me. Luckily, no one is getting bamboozled in this transaction...110% guarantee...wink, wink. 

This classic 1980's bamboo and glass coffee table by McGuire was crafted in San Francisco. 

42 in round x 16 in tall 


Elegant Treasure | Scalloped-style Wood, Glass, and Metal Coffee Table

scalloped-style coffee table

You're going to have to step up your coffee table book game once this elegant treasure is in your home -- because any old book just won't do. 

This scalloped-style coffee table features a brass-hoofed foot detailing and is made of wood, glass, and metal

38 in round x 16 in tall


Sun Sign | Round Dining Table by Hollister

Round Dining Table by Hollister

Everyone knows their sun sign, but you’ll have to dig a bit deeper into your birth chart if you want to understand the bigger picture. Your moon sign, for example, is linked to your subconscious, instinct, and habits. 

This round dining table is an original by Hollister and features an inlayed sun design. Just in from Santa Barbara, this beautifully crafted table features a retro ‘peg’ construction.

50 in round x 29 1/2 in tall


SOLD | Comforts of Home | Round Farm House Dining Table

Round Farm House Dining Table

You would rather host a small dinner party with your closest friends than go through the trouble of making a reservation, finding a parking spot, shouting over the other patrons, and risking an allergic reaction to the food. 

Not only does this round Farm House dining table exude charm and delight, it also has a built-in 20 inch extension. 

48 in round x 30 in tall


Grade A | Round Vintage Table With Wrought Iron

Round Vintage Table With Wrought Iron

A professor's work is never done. After you get home from office hours you are lucky if you have some time left before hopping into bed and starting all over again. And if you do manage to have some down time, it's usually spent grading papers. 

This vintage table was crafted with wrought iron and features a one inch thick glass top. Table would make a great place to stack students' papers (as well as a tall glass of wine) while you are grading.

25 in tall x 24 in round