Thank You For Being a Friend | Pair of Classic La Jolla Night Stands

Pair of Classic La Jolla Night Stands

Didn’t Blanche have these night stands on The Golden Girls? Just think of the stories they would tell…

This pair of classic La Jolla night stands was beautifully handcrafted with cane and reed trim and features two large drawers with bamboo medallions on the front. 

32 in wide x 22 in deep x 22 in tall


Exclamation Point | Pair of Gray Laminate 1980s Nightstands

Pair of  Gray Laminate 1980s Nightstands

Making bold statements shouldn’t just be reserved for boardrooms and courtrooms. If your bedroom is dancing on the edge of modest and demure, throw a few exclamation points on it right this minute!

Each of these bow shaped 1980s nightstands was custom made and features a grey laminate finish and drawer. 

36 wide x 18 deep x 23 tall 


Year of the Dragon | Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Those born under the sign of the dragon are known to be hot headed and have a sharp tongue. With that also comes courage, tenacity and intelligence. It’s also the only sign represented by a mythical creature, rather than a real life animal.

Each of these vintage carved dragon nightstands features a beautiful mother of pearl inlayed top, a drawer, cabinet space, and multiple carved dragons.


Often Copied | Modern-style Side Table by Milo Baughman

Modern-style Side Table by Milo Baughman

Milo Baughman was an American designer who crafted forward-thinking and distinctive, yet unpretentious and affordable pieces that are, to this day, often copied but never duplicated.

This modern-style side table by Milo Baughman masterfully blends brutal chrome with warm cane.

26 in wide x 26 in deep x 22 in tall 


Paired Down | Vintage Nightstands With Drawer and Cabinet Space

Vintage Nightstands With Drawer and Cabinet Space

As a rule of thumb, less is usually more (unless you're talking about socks, of course.) In that case, you're going to need an extra drawer or two. 

Each of these vintage nightstands features a drawer and cabinet space. 

17 1/2 in deep x 25 1/2 in wide x 21 in tall


Squared Up | 1950s French Provincial Tables

1950s French Provincial Tables

If something doesn't make sense yet, just keep digging. There will always be clarity and understanding when patience and time precede it. 

Each of these 1950s French provincial tables features an inlayed top.

17 in round x 27 in tall


Stop, Drop, and Roll | 1930s Drop Top Table

1930s Drop Top Table

Want to make more space in your studio apartment when guests visit? Easy! Drop the top of your dining table which also happens to double as your desk, vanity and entertainment center. 

This 1930s drop top table would know exactly what to do in a fire; stop, drop, and roll.

22 in round x 30 in tall


Catch Up | Pair of Timeless Mahogany Night Stands

Pair of Timeless Mahogany Nightstands

Dark wood carries a sort of trust and credibility that teak and oak will never be able to emulate. It's like asking advice from your grandma versus your 7-year-old niece. 

Each of these timeless mahogany night stands features two drawers and original brass hardware. 

27 in tall x 18 in wide x 15 in deep. 

$295 (pair)

Future Feels | Pair of Mid-century Commodes

Pair of Mid-century Commodes

Twenty years ago, you thought you'd be driving around in a flying car, and squeezing a perfectly nutritional lunch out of a tube. Never in a million years would you have imagined that you'd actually be riding around on your bike, scouring flea markets and yard sales for rare vinyl. 

Each of these mid-century commodes, circa 1950, has an interior shelf and sliding peg-front doors. The pair would be perfectly suited for use as media stands or record player stands.


Laugh Lines | Pair of Thomasville Nightstands

Pair of Thomasville Nightstands

And one day when you are old and gray, what story will your face tell? Will your face be filled with deep furrows from living your days full of worry or will you have laugh lines and creases around your eyes from smiling at the sunset or at the playful way that birds dance?

This pair of Thomasville nightstands were crafted in 1964.

28 in wide x 17 in deep x 24 in tall


Piles of Stuff | Pair of Ivory Night Stands

Pair of Ivory Night Stands

Your partner is no longer allowed to leave piles of stuff lying around the house. As an alternative, he's allowed to keep whatever his heart desires in the drawers of the night stand next to his side of the bed.

Each of these ivory night stands were custom made in 1979 and features a brass trim, two drawers, and a platform base. 

24 in wide x 18 in deep x 28 in tall


Apt for Accomplishment | Pair of Square Rattan End Tables

Pair of Square Rattan End Tables

Being a career woman hasn't always been easy. While college friends were taking a gap year to travel throughout Europe you were busy shattering glass ceilings and climbing corporate ladders. Pat yourself on the back for all that you've accomplished. 

Each of these vintage rattan end tables features a lower shelf and glass top.

20 in deep x 20 in tall x 20 in wide


Lighten Up | 1970s Farmhouse-style End Table by Broyhill

1970s Farmhouse-style End Table by Broyhill

Don't let small spaces suffer. The easiest way to make a small room appear bigger is to replace your dark furniture with light. 

This 1970s farmhouse-style end table or nightstand by Broyhill features drop down leaves and drawers.

22 in tall x 18 in wide ( 34 in wide when fully extended) x 27 in deep 


Durable Duo | Pair of Mid-century Night Stands by Kent Coffey

Pair of Mid-century Nigh Stands by Kent Coffey

Though Kent Coffey furniture represented modernity and affordability in the 1960s, the brand still maintains its reputation for being good quality and durable.

Each of these mid-century night stands by Kent Coffey features a white top, a large drawer and aluminum drawer pulls.

23 in wide x 22 in deep x 24 in tall


Lavish Living | Pair of French-style Side Tables

Pair of French-style Side Tables

The three months that you spend at a villa in the south of France every summer provides you just the right amount of inspiration to fuel your design business for the rest of the year. What a lavish life you live.

Each of these French-style side tables features an original hand-painted finish.

18 in wide x 15 in deep x 24 in tall