Celebrate Companionship | Custom Made Ming-style China Cabinet

Custom Made Ming-style China Cabinet

Unlike your mother and grandmother, you actually use the “fine china” on any particular occasion, not just the ones deemed special by capitalism. To you, your friends coming over are enough reason to celebrate.

This custom made, Ming-inspired china cabinet was beautifully handcrafted. The cabinet features plenty of storage, silverware drawers and lights and comes with original brass hardware.

63 w x 18 d x 82 t


Impeccable Taste | Antique Armoire


Some people inherit antiques from their grandparents. You were fortunate to have a grandmother with impeccable taste in wide brimmed hats and matching pantsuits. Now if only you had somewhere worthy of housing such treasures…

This antique armoire features two large hanging compartments, a drawer, cabinet space, original mirrors and a beautiful carving in the front. Armoire comes in three different pieces making it a dream to move. 

72 in wide x 82 in tall x 21 in deep


Hopeless Romantics | Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Whenever we make progress technologically speaking there’s always a group of nostalgic folks clinging to the remnants of the past. These are the hopeless romantics, the daydreamers, the memory keepers.

This vintage wicker etagere wall unit was hand crafted and features a storage cabinet and space for a record player.

18 in x 54 in x 77 in tall


Year of the Dragon | Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Those born under the sign of the dragon are known to be hot headed and have a sharp tongue. With that also comes courage, tenacity and intelligence. It’s also the only sign represented by a mythical creature, rather than a real life animal.

Each of these vintage carved dragon nightstands features a beautiful mother of pearl inlayed top, a drawer, cabinet space, and multiple carved dragons.


Family Dinner | Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Though a few things have changed since the 1900s, such as being able to order dinner from the tiny glowing screen in your pocket and then having it delivered to your front door, the concept of eating together as a family certainly hasn’t.

This tall vintage hutch c. 1900 features adjustable shelves behind beveled glass doors, two drawers, cabinet space and intricate carvings on the front. Hutch is the perfect parking spot for books, fine china or other trinket storage.

85 in tall x 42 in wide x 19 in deep 


Secret Recipe | Pair of Vintage Asian Style Night Stands

Pair of Vintage Asian Style Night Stands

If you like furniture with character than you’ll certainly love this pair. They look like they contain the secret recipes of all of your ancient ancestors combined.

This pair of vintage night stands features a Asian-style motif as well as cabinet and drawer space.

25 in wide x 12 in deep x 21 in tall


Stashed Away | Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Decluttering your life is easy for those who live far far away from distant family members. For those of you who occasionally host family gatherings, you've got to be careful with what you throw away, such as that Disney princess tea set your Aunt Linda gifted you for your wedding ten years ago. Stash it away instead. 

This vintage rattan China cabinet has two shelves and cabinet space. 

50 in wide x 79 in tall x 17 1/2 in deep


Important Matters | Mid-century Modern Credenza

Mid-century Modern Credenza

Whether you are a business partner or a life partner, if you want to be taken seriously as a partner, you're going to need a sophisticated way of storing important documents.

This mid-century modern credenza by Bernhardt features a curved front, original hardware, a silverware drawer and cabinet space. 

33 in tall x58 in wide x 21 in deep


Heroic Host | Mid-century Style Credenza by Glenn of California

Mid-century Style Credenza by Glenn of California

You take the role of "dinner party host" very seriously. Guests can expect a plethora of crudités, several main courses (complete with vegetarian options), and wine glasses that are always half full. 

This mid-century style credenza by Glenn of California features a large cabinet space and a drawer for linens or silverware. 

72 in wide x 20 in deep x 30 in tall


Botanicals Are Back | Vintage Hand Painted Chest by Stanley Furniture

Vintage Hand Painted Chest

I said it once, and I will say it again. Botanicals are back in the best way…and here to stay.

This vintage hand painted chest by Stanley Furniture features cabinet space and three drawers. 

36 in wide x 51 in tall x 17 in deep


Simply Curated | 1994 Henredon Sideboard

1994 Henredon Sideboard

As a writing professor, you don’t have much time to read anything else other than your students’ essays, hence why your obsession with simply curated coffee table books is growing out of control.

This classic yet modern designed sideboard by Henredon features a white washed finish. Made of the finest quality, sideboard features a cabinet, drawer space, an iron base, and a lower shelf for coffee table books. 

72 in long x 19 in deep x 32 in tall


Beach House Vibe | Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

If you're hoping to channel that "classic beach house" vibe, then look no further. This pair will surely do the trick. 

This pair of Catalina-style etageres is made of reed and rattan and features a grasscloth trim and cabinet space. Depending on your needs, this multi-functional pair could be used as bar cabinets, record player holders, bookshelves, and more!  

35 W x 19 d x 74 tall


Working Remotely | 1975 Asian-style Credenza

1975 Asian-style Credenza

In need of a whimsical storage cabinet for all your media needs? This impressive piece will keep all of your components out of sight so you can focus on more important matters like where the hell you put the remote.

This 1975 Asian-style credenza features a low design and three cabinets (two with drawers). 

25 in tall x64 in wide x 20 in deep


On Display | 1970s Bamboo Wall Unit

Who says that fine china has to be kept behind glass doors? Dishes were meant to be admired, yes, but also seen, used and adored by the people you adore most. 

This 1970s bamboo wall unit has cabinet space that is perfect for holding a record player or for use as a bar area. 

78 in tall x 60 in wide x 18 in deep


4 Holiday Hosting Essentials

If you are like me and are miles from your family this holiday season, make sure to surround yourself with the next best thing, your friends! Host a Friendsgiving, Ugly Sweater Contest, White Elephant Exchange, or just a good old fashioned potluck.

Another idea is to have everyone bring a traditional recipe from their childhood for a holiday themed food contest. At the end, have everyone cast their vote for the most creative name, best presentation, and tastiest. Afterwards, give out silly prizes to the winners. 

Ready to prep your pad for the best holiday party ever? Give us a call at 323-644-5590 to see if the items below are still available. 

1970s Bamboo Wall Unit

1970s Bamboo Wall Unit

This 1970s bamboo wall unit has cabinet space that is perfect for holding a record player or for use as a bar area.


View on the site here

Red Mid-century Pottery Pitcher

Red Mid-century Pottery Pitcher

This red mid-century pottery pitcher is a burst of brightness.


View on the site here.

Mid-century Chandelier With Ten Lights

Mid-century Chandelier With Ten Lights

This mid-century chandelier made of iron and wood features ten lights.


View on the site here. 

Classic-style Red Velvet Sofa

Classic-style Red Velvet Sofa

This classic-style red velvet sofa features a low back and low arms. Sofa was handcrafted in North Carolina by LEE Furniture Co.


View on the site here.

Elegance and Grace | 1960s Gold Leaf China Cabinet

1960s Gold Leaf China Cabinet

Need to display your dishes with elegance and grace? Look no further. 

This 1960s china cabinet features a gold leaf finish, lower cabinet space, padded and velvet-lined door fronts and two upper lights. 

21 in deep x 73 in wide x 80 in tall


Cozy Night In | 1980s Oak Bar

1980s Oak Bar

Now that it's getting colder outside, it's time to start planning cozy nights in. I suggest investing in a few bottles of nice scotch and the card game, Cards Against Humanity.

This 1980s oak bar features a service area, glass racks, large cabinet space and an illuminated top.

32 in wide x 20 in deep x 80 in tall


Stumped For Storage | Vintage Hacienda Cabinet


On the inside of the cabinet there are two shelves and two small drawers, making this the perfect unit to put anywhere extra storage is needed; the bedroom, dining room, guest room, or hallway. This vintage Hacienda cabinet was made from solid hardwood and has a unique painted finish.

25 in wide x 21 1/2 in deep x 82 in tall


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SOLD | Quality Elitists | Mid-Century Walnut Credenza by R-Way Furniture


The R-Way Furniture company was originally founded in 1881 as the Mattoon Manufacturing Co. By 1900, the company had grown to over 800 employees and spanned 12 acres. Because R-Way products were crafted with high quality materials, they are popular amongst vintage furniture collectors. This beautiful mid-century credenza by R-Way Furniture was crafted in walnut. The bottom credenza has cabinet space behind the sliding doors and five drawers (one of which is lined for silverware.) Remove the upper shelf and cabinet from the base to change the look of the credenza.

20 1/2 in deep x 31 in tall x 66 in long


Email us here or call us today at 323-644-5590 to see if these items are still available

New Merchandise Email

Casa Victoria's key strength is that we are always adding new merchandise, sign up for the monthly newsletter below to be notified of new items. We promise we won't spam you - ever.