Delicate Serenity | Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

You are bombarded with flashing images and notifications from the moment you open your eyes. The last thing you need on your walls is something that’s going to distract you from your loved ones even more.

Each of these vintage Chinese screen prints c. 1962 features a gold leafed bamboo frame.

16 in wide x 40 in tall


Just in Case | Pair of Lacquered Chinese Horseshoe Chairs

Pair of Lacquered Chinese Horseshoe Chairs

Though you may have friends over to your house regularly, more often than not, your chairs will remain empty. Best to invest in functioning works of art then.

This pair of lacquered Chinese horseshoe chairs feature a linen cushion and brass trim.

28 in wide x 28 in deep x 28 in tall 


Spring Into Spring | Hand Decorated Chinese Lucky Rabbit

Hand Decorated Chinese Lucky Rabbit

Those awkward months between New Years Eve and the first signs of Spring can be downright depressing, especially if you live in a cold climate. Luckily, Spring is a state of mind.

This hand decorated Chinese lucky rabbit is a splash of Spring regardless of season.

9 in tall x 9 in deep x 6 in wide