Mr. Meow, Get Down Now! | Large 1960s Green Art Glass Vase

Large 1960s Green Art Glass Vase

Giving someone flowers will brighten their life for a few days. Giving someone flowers and a gorgeous vase will keep them smiling for as long as their cat manages to mind his own business and stay off the damn table!

This large 1960s green art glass vase speaks volumes with or without the company of a flower arrangement. 

10 in wide x 31 in tall


Delicate Serenity | Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

You are bombarded with flashing images and notifications from the moment you open your eyes. The last thing you need on your walls is something that’s going to distract you from your loved ones even more.

Each of these vintage Chinese screen prints c. 1962 features a gold leafed bamboo frame.

16 in wide x 40 in tall


Hexagonal Goner | Classic 1967 Esperanto Chest by Drexel

Classic 1967 Esperanto Chest by Drexel

Esperanto may be a phonetic language with Latin roots but it also borrows words from English, German, Polish, and Russian. It’s a language with an identity crisis. Luckily you don’t need to know Esperanto to be able to appreciate this hexagonal series from Drexel.

This classic 1967 “Esperanto” chest by Drexel has nine drawers, brass hardware and a valet tray. 

19 in deep x 70 in wide x 32 in tall


Ancient Symbols | 1960s Greek Key Nightstands

1960s Greek Key Nightstands

A Greek key is a universal sign for sophistication. According to Wikipedia, it's also one of the most important symbols in Greece and is believed to symbolize infinity and unity. The world could use a few more Greek keys, don't you think? 

Each of these 1960s nightstands features a drawer with Greek key design. Because the nightstands are smaller in scale they would be perfect for a small bedroom. 

16 in deep x 21in wide x 23 in tall 


Abstract Expression | 1960s Plaster Bust by Thomas Holland

1960s Plaster Bust by Thomas Holland

Known for his ability to encompass Abstract Expressionism, it's no wonder Thomas Holland has been called one of California's most important contemporary artists.

This vintage American/Californian plaster bust by Thomas Holland was signed by the artist and dated 1964.  

16 in tall x 8 in deep x 7 in wide

$195/as found

Demure Fierceness | 1960s Acapulco Lanterns

1960s Acapulco Lanterns

There is something so beautiful when people or things can exude both strength and softness in the same breath. Though her arms could barely carry the week's groceries up the stairs, her presence could fill an amphitheater. 

This pair of 1960's Acapulco Lanterns unites brute and soft. 


Complement Me | 1960s Swag Light

1960s Swag Light

The rough edges and brutal mix of materials might intimidate those that don't understand and appreciate the true meaning of beauty. Elegance and strength complement one another completely. 

This 1960s swag light was crafted from metal and bubbled amber glass.

30 in tall x 8 in deep 


Pink Dreamin' | Set of Four 1960s Vintage Tulip-style Chairs

Set of Four 1960s Vintage Tulip-style Chairs

Everyone knows that little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Though you may be grown now and have girls of your own, you still adore everything splashed with pink.

This set of four 1960s vintage tulip-style chairs will make you feel like you live in your own private cupcake shop. 

25 in wide x 22 in deep x 31 in tall


It's About Glam Time! | Classic 1960s Metal Vanity Stool

Classic 1960s Metal Vanity Stool

If you've always dreamed of being a mid-century Hollywood starlet, we've got great news for you. No, sorry, we don't have a time machine for sale. We do, however, have this lovely vanity stool where you can get glammed up like the bombshell you are.

This classic 1960s metal vanity stool with original velvet upholstery was made in New York and features a swiveling base.  

32 1/2 in tall x 14 in wide x 15 in deep


Texas Hold Em | Set of 4 1960s Game Table Chairs

Set of 4 1960s Game Table Chairs

Though you still like playing poker with the boys, your experience is incredibly different than when you all use to play, crammed into your tiny college dorm room. Instead of sitting on plastic chairs that would snap in half if you got too excited about the hand you were dealt, you can finally upgrade to sturdier ones.  

This set of four 1960's game table chairs were crafted by Holman of Texas.

23 in wide x 29 in tall x 19 in deep x 16 in seat height


Why Not? | 1960's "Esperanto" chest by DREXEL

1960's "Encanto" chest by DREXEL

Buy that sparkly cocktail dress even if you don’t have an occasion to wear it….yet. Take more relaxing bubble baths, check the news less. Toast more, count calories less. Live your best life...because why not?

This 1960's "Esperanto" chest by DREXEL features nine drawers, two removable valet trays and original brass hardware.

70 in wide x 32 in tall x 19 in deep


SOLD | Coming or Going | 1960s Mid-century DREXEL Drop Leaf Table

1960s Mid-century DREXEL Drop Leaf Table

In your chaotic world, functional furniture is a must. Because you never know who is coming or going, so you always end up cooking for an entire army. Now you just need somewhere to put all of those hungry bodies! 

This mid-century DREXEL drop leaf table was crafted in 1960.

60 in long x 36 in 1/2 deep x 29 in tall (when fully extended)