Hopeless Romantics | Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Whenever we make progress technologically speaking there’s always a group of nostalgic folks clinging to the remnants of the past. These are the hopeless romantics, the daydreamers, the memory keepers.

This vintage wicker etagere wall unit was hand crafted and features a storage cabinet and space for a record player.

18 in x 54 in x 77 in tall


The Secret Garden | Vintage Lingerie Chest

Vintage Lingerie Chest

No one has to know that your vintage wicker lingerie chest is actually full of novelty socks and granny panties. Your secret’s safe with us.

This vintage lingerie chest made of wicker is the perfect resting place for your delicate undergarments. 

22 in wide x 20 in deep x 50 in tall


Stashed Away | Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Decluttering your life is easy for those who live far far away from distant family members. For those of you who occasionally host family gatherings, you've got to be careful with what you throw away, such as that Disney princess tea set your Aunt Linda gifted you for your wedding ten years ago. Stash it away instead. 

This vintage rattan China cabinet has two shelves and cabinet space. 

50 in wide x 79 in tall x 17 1/2 in deep


Beach Towels and Bathing Suits | Vintage Wicker Etageres

Vintage Wicker Etageres

Though living by the beach has some downsides (i.e. sandy sheets), the positives far outweigh the negatives. Now if only you had a place to amass all your beach towels and bathing suits. 

Each of these vintage wicker etageres features a shelf, drawer space and campaign style hardware. Perfect for your beach house.

80 in tall x 14 in deep x 29 in wide 


Blanket of Stars | Braided Rattan Sofa

Braided Rattan Sofa

Whether you are in the mood to daydream under a blanket of stars or curl up with a classic inside, you’ll need a sofa as versatile as you.

This vintage braided rattan sofa features a fabric suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

74 in wide x 32 in tall x 30 in deep 


Shaking Spirits | Wicker Server/Bar Cart on Wheels

Wicker Server/Bar Cart on Wheels

Though your college bartender days are long gone, you still enjoy mixing and shaking spirits for your closest friends. 

This vintage wicker server/bar cart on wheels features two drawers, a glass top serving area, and a lower shelf.

40 in long x 17 in deep x 36 in tall 


More Pros | Classic 1970s Wicker Vanity and Matching Chair

Classic 1970s Wicker Vanity and Matching Chair

Sure, working from home has its disadvantages (like missing out on water cooler banter), but you'd have to say there are far more pros than cons like not waking up with an alarm, not having to sit in traffic, and getting to pick out your own office furniture.

This classic 1970's wicker vanity comes with its own matching chair. How cute. 

40 in wide x 30 in tall x 20 in deep


Cupcake Aesthetic | Vintage Wicker Corner Shelf, Plant Stand, and Stool

Vintage Wicker Corner Shelf, Plant Stand, and Stool

If someone were to ask you to describe your aesthetic in three words you’d probably say something like; princess, cupcakes, and lace. 

This vintage wicker set includes a tiered corner shelf, a plant stand, and a stool. 

$129 corner shelf

$95 plant stand 

$59 stool 

In Threes | Three Wicker Bar Stools by JANUS et Cie

Three Wicker Bar Stools by JANUS et Cie

Bad things happen in threes, but so do good things. Stumbling upon these stools is about as fortunate as pulling three sevens in a row on a slot machine.

Each of these three wicker counter/bar stools by JANUS et Cie features brass feet.

15 in wide x 31 in tall


Loads of Linen | Vintage Market Basket

Vintage Market Basket

As a college student, your mother urged you to buy two pairs of fitted sheets so that you wouldn't have to wait for one to finish washing. Mom's words of advice may or may not be the reason your linen collection is getting out of control. 

This vintage market basket was handcrafted in Poland and would make a great linen storage basket.

36 in wide x 21 in tall x 21 in deep 


Tired Passersby | Vintage Wicker Arm Chair

Vintage Wicker Arm Chair

This chair commands respect whether you place her in or outdoors. But one thing to be aware of, one who commands respect also attracts followers. If you aren't ready to scrap for a seat just yet, perhaps you should keep her in your room, safely tucked away from any tired passersby. 

This vintage wicker arm chair has a wide back for maximum comfort.

23 in wide x 23 in deep x 33 in tall 


Waltz Whisper | Classic Wing Chair from Bali

Classic Wing Chair from Bali

Imagine sipping a cold glass of lemonade on a porch somewhere while the sun warms your bones, the breeze gently asks the trees for a waltz, and the birds sing a sweet, sweet song just for you.

This classic wing chair from Bali is part of the “Padma's Plantation” collection.

48 in tall x 34 in wide x 40 in deep


Calm and Inspired | 1970s Newport Beach Dresser

1970s Newport Beach Dresser

You like your furniture to be fresh and airy like a balmy summer night. The salty breeze eagerly dances through your living room by way of your sprawling windows while the sound of crashing waves lurching from the sea below, makes you feel both calm and insipired. 

This 1970s Newport Beach dresser was carefully constructed with bamboo and wicker.

18 in deep x 60 in wide x 30 in tall