Green with Envy | Pair of 1970s Green Cylinder Chandeliers

Pair of 1970s Green Cylinder Chandeliers

With this chandelier hanging in your home, you’re going to find out really quick why green is the color of envy. You can assuage your jealous friend by reminding them that there are exactly two available :) “One for me and one for you.”

This pair of 1970s green cylinder chandeliers were crafted from perforated metal.

9 in tall x 15 in wide


Stop in the Name of Vanity | 1970s Hexagonal Brass Mirror

1970s Hexagonal Brass Mirror

You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you. All jokes aside, if you’re a human it’s likely you check yourself out in the mirror several times daily. What exactly are we looking for? To make sure we don’t have a hair out of place, food stuck in our teeth, or lipstick smeared on our chin? Whatever your reasoning, reflect responsibly!

This 1970s hexagonal brass mirror is a beveled masterpiece.

23 in x 23 in


No Regrets | 1973 Antique-style Phone

1973 Antique-style Phone

Hello? Are you there? It’s me, your biggest regrets. You’re reading this which means you’re still alive. It’s never too late to forgive, move on, and start again. Start by forgiving yourself first. 

This Antique-style phone was handcrafted in Los Angeles in 1973. 

10 in wide x 6 in deep x 9 in tall 


Colorful Kitchen | Painting of Flowers with Bumble Bee

Painting of Flowers with Bumble Bee

Need a mood boost early in the morning? Add a splash of color above the Keurig. While you’re waiting for your personality to finish brewing, you’ll be subliminally evoking some good vibes into your brain. Score!

This painting of flowers with bumble bee, c.1975 captures the simplicity of life without oversimplifying it.

26 1/2 in wide x 33 in tall 


Love to Love You | Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Though you may be more of the yoga retreat/juice cleanse type (versus your former Studio 54/cocktails self), doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy shiny objects and the occasional Donna Summers record.

This handcrafted disco mirror c.1975 was creatively crafted with a lucite and metal trim. Mirror can be hung in two different ways. 

30 in x 30 in 


Engaged to Relaxation | Classic 1970s Rattan Sofa with Scrolled Arms

Classic 1970s Rattan Sofa with Scrolled Arms

Because sometimes all you want to do is disengage from social media and read graphic novels for hours with your best cat. 

This classic 1970s rattan sofa features scrolled arms and a fully upholstered back. Comfortable design ensures hours of relaxation. Matching arm chair also available.

97 in long x 37 in deep x 28 in tall


Smoking Hot | 1970s 6-light Smoked Glass Chandelier

1970s 6-light Smoked Glass Chandelier

While smoking cigarettes may not be as sexy as it used to be, a good smokey eye, Smokey the Bear, and smoked glass are still very much “in”.

This 1970s 6-light chandelier features smoked glass and would be absolutely perfect for the entry way or small dining area.

14 in tall x 14 in wide


Sheer Luck | 1970s Custom Made Sectional by Century Furniture

1970s Custom Made Sectional by Century Furniture

Finding a sofa that fits all of your non-negotiables including affordability, comfortability, and wowability is hard enough. Finding one that also fits your entire immediate famliy is just sheer luck. 

This custom-made sectional handcrafted by Century Furniture in 1978 features a European tapestry upholstery, low back, buttoned cushions and fully upholstered feet. 

136 in long x 78 in deep x 24 in tall with 36 seat depth and 18 seat height 

$1195/ four pieces

Stretch It Out | 1970s Modern Sectional with Full Size Sleeper Sofa

1970s Modern Sectional with Full Size Sleeper

You can love your family and also not want to touch limbs during movie night. This couch has plenty of space for everyone to comfortably stretch out. 

This 1970s modern sectional features a full-size sleeper sofa and a bohemian flax fabric. Sofa can be configured in a number of ways depending on the layout of your space.  

108 in wide x 110 in deep x 30 in tall x seat depth of 35 in x seat height of 17 in


Graceful Yet Gritty | 1978 'Dance is Work' Print

Dance is Work Print

It's hard to believe that Harvey Edwards first began his photography career in the Air Force. during the Vietnam war.  Now and days he is better known for his graceful yet gritty images of ballerinas than for his images of soldiers and war. 

This 1987 'Dance is Work' print by Harvey Edwards is an original.

25 in wide x 38 in tall


Elegant Fierceness | 1970s Tiger Fabric Art

1970s Tiger Fabric Art

Whether you are bouncing around with Tigger or eating GREAAAT frosted flakes with Tony the Tiger, there's no denying the elegant fierceness that tigers bring to the occasion.

This 1970s fabric art of tigers is better than the Cat’s Meow, it’s the Tiger’s Roar. 

37 in tall x 55 in wide


Wonderful World of Color | Large Vintage Abstract Painting

Large Vintage Abstract Painting

The world is either a 1/scary place and you should never leave your bubble, or 2/a magical world of color and wonder and you should get out as much as possible. The choice is yours. 

This large vintage abstract painting was signed and dated by the artist, Barchas, ’73.

37 in tall x 49 in wide


Nomenclature Nonsense | Print of Kandinsky’s Blue Mountain, No 84

Print of Kandinsky’s Blue Mountain, No 84

With a name like Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky, it's no surprise that he was one of the first artists to be credited for painting "purely abstract works."  

This rare vintage museum print of Kandinsky’s “ Blue Mountain, No 84” was printed for a Guggenheim Exposition in 1972.

23 1/2 w x 33 1/2 tall


Gratitude and Giving | 1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

If you want to experience happiness practice these two things; gratitude and giving. Giving a gift will give you more happiness than buying something for yourself! Try it (and then don’t forget to thank us!)

This 1975 inlayed jewelry box from Italy plays “Send The Clowns.”