Soothing Satisfaction | 1976 French Yacht Print by M. Mouly


The wind doesn't calm simply because you scream "too much." Sometimes (most times) things won't go as planned, but by changing your perception, you'll remain calmer than the eye of the storm. 

This 1976 French yacht print by M. Mouly gives me all the feels.  

24 in tall x 34 in wide 


Splashin' Around | 1976 Abstract Painting by Allie O'Leary

1976 Abstract Painting by Allie O'Leary

When you said you wanted a splash of color in the room, you had no idea it'd be this intense. There is literally no way to feel sad in the presence of this vibrant wall splashing. 

This 1976 abstract painting by Allie O'Leary is like a colorful Rorschach test. What do you see?

40 in x 40 in wide