18th Century Vibes | Large Vintage Painting of Horses and Elephants by Maitland-Smith

Large Vintage Painting of Horses and Elephants by Maitland-Smith

Don’t let the 18th century vibe of this artwork fool you, Maitland-Smith was just founded in 1979 by a London antique dealer and designer. They first got started by reproducing chippendale mahogany dining chairs and later moved on to masterpieces such as this one.

This large vintage painting by Maitland-Smith features a variety of horses and elephants.

23 in wide x 76 in tall


Up and Coming | Pair of Beautifully Decorated Asian Ceramic Lamps

Pair of Beautifully Decorated Asian Ceramic Lamps

If living in a museum has always appealed to you, then these lamps will too. Just make sure your membership fee is fairly priced and that you frequently showcase up and coming contemporary artists. Otherwise you run the risk of becoming a dusty old place no one likes to visit.

This pair of beautifully decorated Asian ceramic lamps are functional pieces of art. 

8 in wide x 20 in tall


Night Owl Syndrome | Mid-century Owl Painting

Mid-century Owl Painting

Though you no longer spend long hours dancing on dimly lit dance floors, you still haven’t been able to shake your night owl syndrome. You’re quite content, though, with perusing vintage furniture online while your loved ones sleep soundly. 

This mid-century owl painting knows who’s who. 

32 in wide x 40 in tall


Delicate Serenity | Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

You are bombarded with flashing images and notifications from the moment you open your eyes. The last thing you need on your walls is something that’s going to distract you from your loved ones even more.

Each of these vintage Chinese screen prints c. 1962 features a gold leafed bamboo frame.

16 in wide x 40 in tall


Graceful Yet Gritty | 1978 'Dance is Work' Print

Dance is Work Print

It's hard to believe that Harvey Edwards first began his photography career in the Air Force. during the Vietnam war.  Now and days he is better known for his graceful yet gritty images of ballerinas than for his images of soldiers and war. 

This 1987 'Dance is Work' print by Harvey Edwards is an original.

25 in wide x 38 in tall


Elegant Fierceness | 1970s Tiger Fabric Art

1970s Tiger Fabric Art

Whether you are bouncing around with Tigger or eating GREAAAT frosted flakes with Tony the Tiger, there's no denying the elegant fierceness that tigers bring to the occasion.

This 1970s fabric art of tigers is better than the Cat’s Meow, it’s the Tiger’s Roar. 

37 in tall x 55 in wide


Go With It | Large Vintage Abstract

Large Vintage Abstract

Depending on which side of the bed you woke up on, you could interpret this painting several ways. You might look at it and be inspired to tackle all of your ToDo's or you might be perfectly content with taking it easy. Whatever you feel, go with it. 

This large vintage abstract features metallic paint.

36 in x 48 in


Adjust Your Sails | Original Tall Ship Painting

Original Tall Ship Painting

Ahoy Matey! Though flying sucks these days (paying extra for bags, shrinking legroom, and spotty WIFI), let's not be too harsh with our complaining. There was once a day when traveling meant exposing yourself and your family to starvation, scurvy, or the Bermuda Triangle. 

This original tall ship painting is signed by the artist Foster A. Babcock, ’29. 

24 x 28


Vintage Gifts & Who To Give Them To

Vintage Gifts & Who To Give Them To

It’s that time of year again - the shortest day of the year is on it’s way and western culture has long celebrated this event with the tradition of gift giving.  Whether you’re a Kwanza, Festivus, Hanukkah or even Christmas fan, giving the coolest gift means you can finish the year as a total legend!

While your family and friends are taking it easy with Amazon online, you can stand out with a gift that just screams “I actually spent my time thinking about you and getting something unique that you’re going to love!”  That dear reader, is what this time of year is supposed to be about.

We’ve grouped types of people into five different categories and come up with unique but inexpensive gifts that will show just how much you care, deeply about the intended recipient.

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