History Repeating | 1940s Williamsburg Highboy Chest Reproduction by Kittinger

1940s Williamsburg Highboy Chest Reproduction by Kittinger

This very rare, colonial Williamsburg highboy chest reproduction was handcrafted by Kittinger in Buffalo NY. Since the 1920s, Kittinger was the sole licensee to produce furniture based on historic Williamsburg designs. 

This chest is a replica of a 1735 piece in the Williamsburg collection. Made in the 1940s, this chest features graduating drawer sizes, original brass hardware and comes in two pieces for easy transport. Chest is signed on the back.

72 in tall x 40 1/2 in wide x 21 1/2 in deep


It's About Glam Time! | Classic 1960s Metal Vanity Stool

Classic 1960s Metal Vanity Stool

If you've always dreamed of being a mid-century Hollywood starlet, we've got great news for you. No, sorry, we don't have a time machine for sale. We do, however, have this lovely vanity stool where you can get glammed up like the bombshell you are.

This classic 1960s metal vanity stool with original velvet upholstery was made in New York and features a swiveling base.  

32 1/2 in tall x 14 in wide x 15 in deep


Cat Roomies | Mid-century Cat Print

Mid-century Cat Print

Dogs are cute and all but the amount of love and attention they need can be overwhelming. Your independent cats are more like your roommates, and less like needy children (and that suits you just fine.)

This mid-century cat print by Penn Prints of New York includes the elegant frame. 

13 in wide x 17 in tall