Family Dinner | Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Though a few things have changed since the 1900s, such as being able to order dinner from the tiny glowing screen in your pocket and then having it delivered to your front door, the concept of eating together as a family certainly hasn’t.

This tall vintage hutch c. 1900 features adjustable shelves behind beveled glass doors, two drawers, cabinet space and intricate carvings on the front. Hutch is the perfect parking spot for books, fine china or other trinket storage.

85 in tall x 42 in wide x 19 in deep 


Entertainment Biz | Set of Six 1980s Italian Dining Chairs

Set of Six 1980s Italian Dining Chairs

These chairs were made for entertaining. If it's been a while since you've hosted a shindig, it's time to dust off the champagne flutes and break out the bubbly. 

Each of these six 1980s Italian dining chairs features an ivory lacquer frame, a tall, a slightly curved back, and an original leather seat. 

42 in tall x 23 in deep x 19 in wide 18 in seat height


Larger Than Life Personality | Tall Mid-century Spanish-style Desk by Kent Coffey

Tall Mid-century Spanish-style Desk

You’ve never been one to take the path most trampled. It’s important that your space is filled with as much personality as your own.

This tall mid-century Spanish-style desk by Kent Coffey is bold and beautiful.

34 in wide x 47 in tall x 17 in deep 


Tasteful Texture | Tall Mid-century Pottery Lamp with Tribal Design

Tall Mid-century Pottery Lamp with Tribal Design

Too much texture, mixed materials, and various patterns can make you feel like your head is about to explode. Just the right amount of variation, however, can leave you feeling inspired and engaged. 

This tall mid-century pottery lamp features tribal designs on the base.

34 in tall x 9 in wide