Confucius Say |  Large Antique Confucius Statue Lamp

Large Antique Confucius Statue

Confucius once said, “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Like refusing to participate in the fast fashion industry and committing to eating only organic produce and meat, you can also commit to purchasing sustainably for the home as well. Hint, buying vintage or second hand is ALWAYS sustainable.

This large antique Confucius statue was converted into lamp. Carved from wood, this statuesque lamp has its original finish. 

36 in tall x 10 in wide x 8 in deep


Stubbed Toes, Snubbed Nose | Contemporary-style Bookcase

Contemporary-style Bookcase

The stacks of art books your have piled around your living room was once charming, but now it’s getting out of control. Not only is it hard to locate a specific title, but your poor toes are suffering from the constant interaction.

This contemporary-style bookcase is made of metal and wood.

12 in deep x 36 in wide x 60 in tall


Squared Up | 1950s French Provincial Tables

1950s French Provincial Tables

If something doesn't make sense yet, just keep digging. There will always be clarity and understanding when patience and time precede it. 

Each of these 1950s French provincial tables features an inlayed top.

17 in round x 27 in tall


Stop, Drop, and Roll | 1930s Drop Top Table

1930s Drop Top Table

Want to make more space in your studio apartment when guests visit? Easy! Drop the top of your dining table which also happens to double as your desk, vanity and entertainment center. 

This 1930s drop top table would know exactly what to do in a fire; stop, drop, and roll.

22 in round x 30 in tall


Dig In | Classic Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table

Classic Contemporary Pedestal Dining Table

A rounded table ensures that all your dinner guests feel included in the conversation regardless of their social adeptness. Bonus, everyone has the same access to the main course. Dig in!

This classic and contemporary pedestal dining table features a 20-inch extension.

30 in tall x 46 in 


Maritime Aficionado | Round Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid-century Coffee Table Metal Wood

There is something nautical (and therefore majestic) about this prestigious coffee table. It reminds me of a ship's helm (also known as a steering wheel for those who aren't maritime aficionados.) Aye! C’mere, me beauty.

This mid-century coffee table blends both metal and wood beautifully.

40 in round x 15 in tall


Choose Both | Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

There is no reason why you should have to between classy and sassy. You can literally have anything your heart desires. 

This pair of French-style Thomasville nightstands would be great accompanied by this tall chest. 

24 in tall x 16 in deep 


Bundle of Joy | 1970s Bentwood Rocker

1970s Bentwood Rocker

New moms have two things in common; they are completely and utterly sleep deprived, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

This 1970s bent wood rocker would be a great gift for anyone welcoming home a bundle of joy. 

40 in deep x 42 in tall x 22 in wide


Long Legs | Tall French-style Chest by Thomasville

Tall French-style Chest by Thomasville

Sometimes being tall has disadvantages like when you’re flying economy class and you don’t have enough room for your legs. 

This French-style chest by Thomasville is tall enough for all your wares no matter your height.

42 in wide x 54 in tall x 20 in deep 


Just Shy of Grandiose | Mid-century Carved Wood Console Table

Mid-century Carved Wood Console Table

If your entry way is anything shy of grandiose, then you’ll likely need a table that won’t take up too much space. 

This mid-century carved wood console table features a travertine top crafted in Italy. 

53 1/2 in wide x 13 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall


Scented Plug Ins | Handcrafted Nightstands with Twig and Leaf Detailing

Handcrafted Nightstands

You don’t have to live in a treehouse to weave nature into your lifestyle. It can be as simple as investing in some indestructible house plants, getting some of those pine scented plug ins, and adorning your abode with thoughtful items such as these end tables. 

These handcrafted nightstands have a real twig and leaf detailing, metal bands woven into a handcrafted top, a drawer and a lower shelf. 

22 in wide x 14 1/2 in deep x 22 in tall 


Elegant Treasure | Scalloped-style Wood, Glass, and Metal Coffee Table

scalloped-style coffee table

You're going to have to step up your coffee table book game once this elegant treasure is in your home -- because any old book just won't do. 

This scalloped-style coffee table features a brass-hoofed foot detailing and is made of wood, glass, and metal

38 in round x 16 in tall