Executive Suite Spot | Classic Leather Executive Desk Chair

Classic Leather Executive Desk Chair

Though you consider yourself an empathetic servant leader, always putting your people first, you can’t help but partake in the executive suite lifestyle every now and then.

This classic leather executive desk chair by Hancock & Moore, features a buttoned seat back, hand tacked detailing and an adjustable height.  

32 in deep x 29 in wide x 39 in tall x 18 in seat height


Two of a Kind | Pair of Velvet Swivel Rocking Club Chairs


Not only do you and your best friend share the same taste in music ("pre Jay-Z" Beyonce ok?), food (sushi?), and wine (want to split a bottle of Malbec?), but you also share the same taste in home decor. 

Each of these velvet swivel rocking club chairs features charming buttoned detailing.

33 in tall x 33 in wide x 30 in deep


Work of Art | Pair of Leather High Back Arm Chairs

Pair of Leather High Back Arm Chairs

Getting ahead in life has very little to do with skill. Instead, you'll get much further if you spend more time improving your confidence and attitude. Dress the part, stand tall, and adopt a daily mantra that exudes positivity such as "I'm not just a chair, I am a WORK OF ART."

Each of these leather high back arm chairs is fully buttoned and features a beautifully hand tacked detailing. Pair was crafted in Hickory, NC. 

26 in wide x 28 in deep x 44 in tall x seat height 19 in