Pass the Patrón | Vintage Wrought Iron Chandelier

Vintage Wrought Iron Chandelier

Here’s a fact you can share with your amigos while sipping margaritas by the pool, in Spanish America, the owner of a hacienda was called the patrón. Pass the Patrón to the Patrón por favor!

This vintage wrought iron chandelier would give a Spanish hacienda vibe to just about any room.

24 in wide x 36 in tall 


Barn Wedding | Large Custom Made Sphere Chandelier

Large Custom Made Sphere Chandelier

Are barn weddings still a thing? If you’re asking Pinterest then the answer is most definitely yes. Whether you’re planning a barn wedding or not, this chandelier is about as rustic as it gets and deserves to be encapsulated on social networks for infinity. 

This large custom made sphere chandelier would add a warmth to any drafty a barn?

34 in x 34 in


Green with Envy | Pair of 1970s Green Cylinder Chandeliers

Pair of 1970s Green Cylinder Chandeliers

With this chandelier hanging in your home, you’re going to find out really quick why green is the color of envy. You can assuage your jealous friend by reminding them that there are exactly two available :) “One for me and one for you.”

This pair of 1970s green cylinder chandeliers were crafted from perforated metal.

9 in tall x 15 in wide


Intuitive Interior | Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Re-decorating requires thoughtful planning, budget constraints and color schemes. Unless of course your intuitive interior decorator, then you just fill your space with lovely things that cross your path. 

This large, mid-century “leaf” chandelier was handcrafted in Italy and features a gold plated finish and handcrafted glass leaves.

20 in tall x 34 in wide


Smoking Hot | 1970s 6-light Smoked Glass Chandelier

1970s 6-light Smoked Glass Chandelier

While smoking cigarettes may not be as sexy as it used to be, a good smokey eye, Smokey the Bear, and smoked glass are still very much “in”.

This 1970s 6-light chandelier features smoked glass and would be absolutely perfect for the entry way or small dining area.

14 in tall x 14 in wide


Complement Me | 1960s Swag Light

1960s Swag Light

The rough edges and brutal mix of materials might intimidate those that don't understand and appreciate the true meaning of beauty. Elegance and strength complement one another completely. 

This 1960s swag light was crafted from metal and bubbled amber glass.

30 in tall x 8 in deep 


Pineapple Upgrade | Vintage Coral Chandelier with Six Lights

Vintage Coral Chandelier with Six Lights

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If Spongebob won the lottery, he'd most certainly upgrade that pineapple to a watermelon and then hang this chandelier in the entryway.

This vintage coral chandelier was handcrafted and coated and features 6 lights.

28 in wide x 28 in tall


Marrakesh Marvel | Large Moroccan Chandelier

Large Moroccan Chandelier

You'd much rather be treasure hunting in Marrakesh than sitting in a cubicle making cold calls, but you can't always get what you want. You can, however, get just what you need, like this lovely Moroccan chandelier. 

This large moroccan chandelier features three lights.

36 in tall x 16 in wide


Dine Bright | 1980s Modern-style Chandelier

1980s Modern-style Chandelier

Eating dinner in the dark is not only dangerous (why does my tiramisu taste like mustard?), it can also be quite messy (crumbs, crumbs, oh my god crumbs -- they are EVERYWHERE!) 

This 1980s modern-style chandelier was crafted from oak and brass and features four lights.

8 in tall x 18 in wide


All Eyes On Me | Mid-century Chandelier With Ten Lights

Mid-century Chandelier With Ten Lights

You spent hours slaving over a hot stove, suffered a few mild burns, and even managed to extinguish a small grease fire. After all the effort you put into this meal, you want to make sure that your dinner guests can fully appreciate the beautiful feast before them. 

This mid-century chandelier made of iron and wood features ten lights. 

32 in wide x 20 in tall


4 Holiday Hosting Essentials

If you are like me and are miles from your family this holiday season, make sure to surround yourself with the next best thing, your friends! Host a Friendsgiving, Ugly Sweater Contest, White Elephant Exchange, or just a good old fashioned potluck.

Another idea is to have everyone bring a traditional recipe from their childhood for a holiday themed food contest. At the end, have everyone cast their vote for the most creative name, best presentation, and tastiest. Afterwards, give out silly prizes to the winners. 

Ready to prep your pad for the best holiday party ever? Give us a call at 323-644-5590 to see if the items below are still available. 

1970s Bamboo Wall Unit

1970s Bamboo Wall Unit

This 1970s bamboo wall unit has cabinet space that is perfect for holding a record player or for use as a bar area.


View on the site here

Red Mid-century Pottery Pitcher

Red Mid-century Pottery Pitcher

This red mid-century pottery pitcher is a burst of brightness.


View on the site here.

Mid-century Chandelier With Ten Lights

Mid-century Chandelier With Ten Lights

This mid-century chandelier made of iron and wood features ten lights.


View on the site here. 

Classic-style Red Velvet Sofa

Classic-style Red Velvet Sofa

This classic-style red velvet sofa features a low back and low arms. Sofa was handcrafted in North Carolina by LEE Furniture Co.


View on the site here.

Cozy Chaos | Large 1960s Tri-light Chandelier

Large 1960s Tri-light Chandelier

Dim the lights and let the magic unfold. Cozy nights with old friends are exactly the moments that keep you going in a world surrounded by chaos.

This large 1960s tri-light chandelier was crafted from amber glass and features a three-way switch.

44 in long x 15 in wide