Team Books | 1980s Modern Brass and Wood Etagere

1980s Modern Brass and Wood Etagere

Listening to podcasts and binging Netflix might be a more acceptable way to consume media these days, but you’ve got an old soul. You’d much read words from tangible pages.

This amazing 1980s modern brass and wood etagere comes with new glass shelves.

38 in wide x 78 in tall x 16 in deep


The Fruits of Labor | Classic Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Classic Brass and Glass Coffee Table

The stars align, the gods smile down on you and your gait is as airy as the gentle breeze. On days like these, when everything you touch turns to gold (or in this case….brass) don’t waste time worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Instead, enjoy the good fortune and remind yourself that you deserve the very best that life has to offer!

This classic coffee table features a brass frame with ornately sculpted legs and a glass top. 

27 in deep x 52 in long x 15 in tall


Pepto Pink | Pair of 1980s Pink Glass Lamps

Pair of 1980s Pink Glass Lamps

Unless your name is Chad, your parents are members of a country club, and your wardrobe consists of mostly polos, you probably can’t pull off Pepto Bismol pink. You can, however, snazz up your living room with it!

Each of these 1980s pink glass lamps is pretty in (pepto) pink. 

10 in wide x 20 in tall


Intuitive Interior | Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Re-decorating requires thoughtful planning, budget constraints and color schemes. Unless of course your intuitive interior decorator, then you just fill your space with lovely things that cross your path. 

This large, mid-century “leaf” chandelier was handcrafted in Italy and features a gold plated finish and handcrafted glass leaves.

20 in tall x 34 in wide


The Top Shelf | 1980s Brass Finish Etagere

1980s Brass Finish Etagere

You may not have married a tall drink of water, but he's got a sweet disposition. What he lacks in height he makes up for in kindness. You'd rather spend money on step stools and ladders today than therapy in the future. 

This 1980s brass finish etagere features four glass shelves.

38 in wide x 16 in deep x 76 in tall


Bamboozled Bamboo | Classic 1980s Bamboo and Glass Coffee Table by McGuire

Classic 1980s Bamboo and Glass Coffee Table

Bamboozle me once, shame on you. Bamboozle me twice, shame on me. Luckily, no one is getting bamboozled in this transaction...110% guarantee...wink, wink. 

This classic 1980's bamboo and glass coffee table by McGuire was crafted in San Francisco. 

42 in round x 16 in tall 


Minimalist by Default | Vintage Brass and Glass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass and Glass Table

In your previous relationship, your apartment was minimalist by default because you two could never agree on anything, including home furnishings. Now that you’re single, you can decorate how you damn well please. 

This vintage brass and glass coffee table was crafted in Italy and features a 3/4 inch beveled glass top.

42 in round x 17 in tall


Complement Me | 1960s Swag Light

1960s Swag Light

The rough edges and brutal mix of materials might intimidate those that don't understand and appreciate the true meaning of beauty. Elegance and strength complement one another completely. 

This 1960s swag light was crafted from metal and bubbled amber glass.

30 in tall x 8 in deep 


Keep Going | 1940s Glass Ball Lamp

1940s Glass Ball Lamp

If you do anything long enough, you'll be an expert. Eventually, you'll have so much confidence doing this thing, that you'll successfully convince someone to pay you to do it. Once that day comes, you'll be able to buy beautiful things. Moral of the story? Keep going! 

This 1940s glass ball lamp features a marble base and eagle design.

18 in tall x 4 in wide


Elegant Treasure | Scalloped-style Wood, Glass, and Metal Coffee Table

scalloped-style coffee table

You're going to have to step up your coffee table book game once this elegant treasure is in your home -- because any old book just won't do. 

This scalloped-style coffee table features a brass-hoofed foot detailing and is made of wood, glass, and metal

38 in round x 16 in tall