Green with Envy | Pair of 1970s Green Cylinder Chandeliers

Pair of 1970s Green Cylinder Chandeliers

With this chandelier hanging in your home, you’re going to find out really quick why green is the color of envy. You can assuage your jealous friend by reminding them that there are exactly two available :) “One for me and one for you.”

This pair of 1970s green cylinder chandeliers were crafted from perforated metal.

9 in tall x 15 in wide


Love to Love You | Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Though you may be more of the yoga retreat/juice cleanse type (versus your former Studio 54/cocktails self), doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy shiny objects and the occasional Donna Summers record.

This handcrafted disco mirror c.1975 was creatively crafted with a lucite and metal trim. Mirror can be hung in two different ways. 

30 in x 30 in 


Stubbed Toes, Snubbed Nose | Contemporary-style Bookcase

Contemporary-style Bookcase

The stacks of art books your have piled around your living room was once charming, but now it’s getting out of control. Not only is it hard to locate a specific title, but your poor toes are suffering from the constant interaction.

This contemporary-style bookcase is made of metal and wood.

12 in deep x 36 in wide x 60 in tall


Perfectly Imperfect | Handcrafted Mid-century Brutalist Ashtray

Handcrafted Mid-century Brutalist Ashtray

Brutalist-style can be described as "rugged" or "lacking concern to look comfortable or easy." In other words, it's a breath of fresh air in an over-photoshopped world. 

This mid-century brutalist ashtray was handcrafted from beads of amber glass and metal.

9 x 9 x 2 


Maritime Aficionado | Round Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid-century Coffee Table Metal Wood

There is something nautical (and therefore majestic) about this prestigious coffee table. It reminds me of a ship's helm (also known as a steering wheel for those who aren't maritime aficionados.) Aye! C’mere, me beauty.

This mid-century coffee table blends both metal and wood beautifully.

40 in round x 15 in tall


Functional Deco | Vintage Square Brass Coffee Table

Vintage Brass Coffee Table

Art deco is glamorous and elegant, sure, but also practical and functional. This coffee table would pair well with botanical wallpaper, a pair of boxy club chairs, and a potent highball. 

This vintage brass coffee table features rounded corners and a beveled glass top.

40 in x 40 in x 17 in


Complement Me | 1960s Swag Light

1960s Swag Light

The rough edges and brutal mix of materials might intimidate those that don't understand and appreciate the true meaning of beauty. Elegance and strength complement one another completely. 

This 1960s swag light was crafted from metal and bubbled amber glass.

30 in tall x 8 in deep 


Double Dutch | Vintage Metal Candle Holder

Vintage Metal Candle Holder

As a child, you dabbled in just about every sport out there. Though you never took home any trophies or champion titles while playing Double Dutch, you sure loved spending recess, afternoons, and block parties jumping and twirling.

This vintage metal candle holder features three girls playing double dutch jump rope.

12 in wide x 5 in deep x 8 in tall


Elegant Treasure | Scalloped-style Wood, Glass, and Metal Coffee Table

scalloped-style coffee table

You're going to have to step up your coffee table book game once this elegant treasure is in your home -- because any old book just won't do. 

This scalloped-style coffee table features a brass-hoofed foot detailing and is made of wood, glass, and metal

38 in round x 16 in tall


It's About Glam Time! | Classic 1960s Metal Vanity Stool

Classic 1960s Metal Vanity Stool

If you've always dreamed of being a mid-century Hollywood starlet, we've got great news for you. No, sorry, we don't have a time machine for sale. We do, however, have this lovely vanity stool where you can get glammed up like the bombshell you are.

This classic 1960s metal vanity stool with original velvet upholstery was made in New York and features a swiveling base.  

32 1/2 in tall x 14 in wide x 15 in deep