Night at the Museum | Large Mid-century Terracotta Lamp

Large Mid-century Terracotta Lamp

Who wants to spend just one night at the museum, when you could just live in one? This gorgeous lamp looks like it belongs behind layers of bulletproof plexiglass.

This large mid-century terracotta lamp sits on a gilded wooden base and features images of pumas and alligators.

16 in wide x 34 in tall


Gold, Lots of Gold | 1970s Cobalt Blue Ceramic Lamp

1970s Cobalt Blue Ceramic Lamp

An article recently came out by Fast Company Design stating that minimalism was dead and that maximalism was very loudly (and unapologetically) taking over. So what qualifies as "maximalist"? Gold, lots of gold. 

This 1970s cobalt blue ceramic lamp features a unique gilded leaf rose inlay.

10 in wide x 20 in tall


Well Known | Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Though claims there is no royalty in your bloodline, you aren't entirely convinced. Any time you have to wait in line, you can feel the VIP screaming at you from the inside, "Do you KNOW who I am?"

This vintage gilded bookcase was crafted in 1990 and features gorgeous cane shelves.

25 in wide x 15 in deep x 39 in tall


Homebodies are Somebodies | Gilded Wooden Serving Tray from Italy

Gilded Wooden Serving Tray From Italy

Some folks prefer spending money on European vacations sipping wine with the locals in cafes nestled on narrow cobblestoned streets. You prefer collecting vintage items hailing from far off lands. No shame in being a homebody. 

This gilded wooden serving tray is from Florence, Italy. 

25 in wide x 12 in deep