Prize Catch | Target-back Rattan Dining Chairs by McGuire of San Francisco

Target Back Rattan Dining Chairs
Target Back Rattan Dining Chairs

On the hunt for the perfect chairs? Look no further. These timeless chairs are now in your crosshairs. Act fast before someone runs away with your prize catch.

These target-back rattan and leather dining chairs by McGuire of San Francisco are timeless.

 36 in x 24 in x 20 in x 19 in seat height


Shady Dealings | Vintage Drop Leaf Teak Patio Table

Vintage Drop Leaf Teak Patio Table

Vitamin D is great and all but sometimes you need to seek shelter from the sunny days of summer. Lucky for you this stylish table features an umbrella hole for all your shady dealings. 

This vintage drop-leaf teak patio table features an umbrella hole. When fully extended the table is 56 in wide x 30 in deep x 30 in tall 


Snow White and the Crew | Set of Six Hacienda Chenille Dining Chairs

Set of Six Hacienda Chenille Dining Chairs

There are enough chairs for you, Prince Charming, and your four dwarfs; Stinky, Silly, Cuddly and Jolly.

Each of these six hacienda dining chairs features a soft chenille fabric. Set includes two arm chairs and four side chairs. 

18 in wide x 42 in tall x 21in deep


Isn't That Swell | Spun Fiberglass Mid-century Patio Set 

Spun Fiberglass Mid-century Patio Set

This set is so nice we won't blame you if you just don't have the heart to put them out in the inclement weather. They'll also look swell in the safety of your home. 

This mid-century patio was set in spun fiberglass, a technique attributed to Russell Woodard

36 in round x 30 in tall


All Hail the Prince | Set of Four Purple Velvet Dining Chairs

Set of Four Purple Velvet Dining Chairs

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get this thing called dinner. Call up your favorite people and invite them to a royal dinner like no other, complete with a Prince playlist, a lot of velvet, and plenty of purple finger foods. 

Each of these four purple velvet dining chairs features a buttoned back and a contrasting fabric design.

24 in deep x 22 in wide x 36 in tall


King's Court | Set of 12 1950s Italian Dining Chairs

Set of 12 1950s Italian Dining Chairs

King and Queen and everything in between. There is nothing more frustrating than hosting a dinner party and having to scour the house for more chairs when invited guests bring a plus one. With this set, you should be covered and then some (unless of course you invite the Kardashian brood.)

This set of twelve 1950’s Italian dining chairs includes ten side chairs and two armchairs and features a timeless design. Need to be reupholstered. 

$695/set of 12

Sophisticated Playtime | Vintage Game Table by Heritage

Vintage Game Table by Heritage

Your husband's love of poker preceded his love for you. But just because he has weekly poker tournaments with the guys, doesn't mean the dining room has to resemble his college dorm. It's time to say farewell to the collapsible card table and red solo cups...forever.

This vintage game table by Heritage features a leather embossed top and pull out drink holders with a faux bamboo style.

36 in wide x 36 in deep x 29 in tall 


All Black, Everything. | Large Modern Style Credenza

Large Modern Style Credenza

It’s easy to see why your friends joke about you being a vampire. They have never seen you before the sun goes down, and you’re almost always dressed from head to toe in all black. 

This large modern-style credenza was handcrafted in Italy in 1987. Credenza features a lacquered finish, interior glass shelves for storage, and two smaller drawers for silverware.

86 in wide x 32 in tall x 19 in deep


Grade A | Round Vintage Table With Wrought Iron

Round Vintage Table With Wrought Iron

A professor's work is never done. After you get home from office hours you are lucky if you have some time left before hopping into bed and starting all over again. And if you do manage to have some down time, it's usually spent grading papers. 

This vintage table was crafted with wrought iron and features a one inch thick glass top. Table would make a great place to stack students' papers (as well as a tall glass of wine) while you are grading.

25 in tall x 24 in round 


Homebodies are Somebodies | Gilded Wooden Serving Tray from Italy

Gilded Wooden Serving Tray From Italy

Some folks prefer spending money on European vacations sipping wine with the locals in cafes nestled on narrow cobblestoned streets. You prefer collecting vintage items hailing from far off lands. No shame in being a homebody. 

This gilded wooden serving tray is from Florence, Italy. 

25 in wide x 12 in deep