Need for Nestling | Set of Vintage Rattan Nestling Tables

Set of Vintage Rattan Nesting Tables

Growing up as as single child, all you ever wanted was a slew of siblings surrounding you. This unrequited love probably explains why you now have a fondness for things that nestle like your needy dachsunds and these nestling tables.

This set of vintage rattan nesting tables is the perfect about of cozy.

22 in tall x 22 in wide x 18 in deep


Respect the Rattan | Large Rattan and Rawhide Glass Top Dining Table

Large Rattan and Rawhide Glass Top Dining Table

Glass and metal can come across as pretentious and cold, kind of like your mother-in-law. Glass and rattan, however, commands respect sans intimidation.

This large rattan and rawhide glass top dining table has been attributed to McGuire of San Francisco. 

30 in tall x 52 in round


Engaged to Relaxation | Classic 1970s Rattan Sofa with Scrolled Arms

Classic 1970s Rattan Sofa with Scrolled Arms

Because sometimes all you want to do is disengage from social media and read graphic novels for hours with your best cat. 

This classic 1970s rattan sofa features scrolled arms and a fully upholstered back. Comfortable design ensures hours of relaxation. Matching arm chair also available.

97 in long x 37 in deep x 28 in tall


Stashed Away | Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Decluttering your life is easy for those who live far far away from distant family members. For those of you who occasionally host family gatherings, you've got to be careful with what you throw away, such as that Disney princess tea set your Aunt Linda gifted you for your wedding ten years ago. Stash it away instead. 

This vintage rattan China cabinet has two shelves and cabinet space. 

50 in wide x 79 in tall x 17 1/2 in deep


If You Like Piña Coladas | Vintage Rattan Bar Stools

Vintage Rattan Bar Stools

Your dream of running away to a tropical island and opening up a tiki bar by the beach may be a few years away yet. Until then, brush up on your Piña Colada mixing. 

Each of these vintage rattan bar stools features a low back and swivel seat.

19 in wide x 39 in tall x 20 in deep x 30 in seat height


White Wine Please | Classic Rattan Sofa

Classic Rattan Sofa

Bad news: red drinks and coffee can only be allowed consumed in the kitchen from here on out. Good news: white wine is not only allowed, it's encouraged!

This classic rattan sofa was handcrafted in Los Angeles and features an elegant twist design, a low back and arms, a chic white linen upholstery and four crewel work seat back cushions.

87 in wide x 28 in tall x 36 in deep x 17 seat height


Generational Joy | Four Chippendale Pavilion Dining Chairs by PALECEK

Four Chippendale Pavilion Dining Chairs by PALECEK

PALECEK has a reputation for building the finest rattan furniture that lasts for generations to come. 

Each of these four Chippendale “Pavilion” dining chairs was handcrafted by PALECEK and features a rattan frame with leather trim.

20 in wide x 38 in tall x 21 in deep x 19 in seat height

$695/set of 4

Classy Not Fussy | Custom Made Rattan Club Chairs by PALECEK

Custom Made Rattan Club Chairs by PALECEK

If California were a person, she’d have an elegant, yet laid-back style. Classy, not fussy.

Each of these custom-made rattan club chairs by PALECEK features a leather trim and sand colored velvet upholstery.

28 in wide x 34 in tall x 32 in deep x 18 in seat height


Prize Catch | Target-back Rattan Dining Chairs by McGuire of San Francisco

Target Back Rattan Dining Chairs
Target Back Rattan Dining Chairs

On the hunt for the perfect chairs? Look no further. These timeless chairs are now in your crosshairs. Act fast before someone runs away with your prize catch.

These target-back rattan and leather dining chairs by McGuire of San Francisco are timeless.

 36 in x 24 in x 20 in x 19 in seat height


Blanket of Stars | Braided Rattan Sofa

Braided Rattan Sofa

Whether you are in the mood to daydream under a blanket of stars or curl up with a classic inside, you’ll need a sofa as versatile as you.

This vintage braided rattan sofa features a fabric suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

74 in wide x 32 in tall x 30 in deep 


Beach House Vibe | Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

If you're hoping to channel that "classic beach house" vibe, then look no further. This pair will surely do the trick. 

This pair of Catalina-style etageres is made of reed and rattan and features a grasscloth trim and cabinet space. Depending on your needs, this multi-functional pair could be used as bar cabinets, record player holders, bookshelves, and more!  

35 W x 19 d x 74 tall