Adulting At Its Finest | Classic Faux Bamboo Arm Chair by Palecek

Classic Faux Bamboo Arm Chair by Palecek

At what point do you become an “adult”? The real answer is “never”. But when you start going to bed before 10pm, getting excited about buying a new washing machine, or redecorating the living room, you’re pretty close.

This classic faux bamboo arm chair hand crafted by Palecek features a cane trim .

26 in wide x 28 in deep x 38 in tall


Social Networking | 1970s Tweed Arm Chair 

1970s Tweed Arm Chair 

It ain’t easy being tweedy. Whether you love to track trending hashtags, refresh your Instagram feed, or do some good old fashioned Facebook stalking, this chair has your back (and your butt.) 

This classic 1970’s arm chair features a cane trim and tweed fabric. 

26 in wide x 24 in deep x 31 in tall