Adulting At Its Finest | Classic Faux Bamboo Arm Chair by Palecek

Classic Faux Bamboo Arm Chair by Palecek

At what point do you become an “adult”? The real answer is “never”. But when you start going to bed before 10pm, getting excited about buying a new washing machine, or redecorating the living room, you’re pretty close.

This classic faux bamboo arm chair hand crafted by Palecek features a cane trim .

26 in wide x 28 in deep x 38 in tall


Veg Friendly | Contemporary-style Sofa

Contemporary Style Sofa

It’s rare you get the house to yourself, so when you do you treat yourself by vegging out completely. 

This contemporary-style sofa was handcrafted in Los Angeles and features sand-colorered upholstery, a low, buttoned back and square arms. Long length makes it 100% veg-friendly. 

38 in deep x 86 in wide x 31 in tall


Intuitive Interior | Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Re-decorating requires thoughtful planning, budget constraints and color schemes. Unless of course your intuitive interior decorator, then you just fill your space with lovely things that cross your path. 

This large, mid-century “leaf” chandelier was handcrafted in Italy and features a gold plated finish and handcrafted glass leaves.

20 in tall x 34 in wide


Mob Boss | 1950s French-style Leather Club Chair

1950s French-style Leather Club Chair

If smoking cigars isn’t exactly your favorite pastime, then you might not want to buy this chair. It’s likely you’re mob boss alter ego is going to take over when you sink down into it.  

This French-style leather club chair was handcrafted in 1950 and features rounded arms, a compact size, and a thin, arched back. 

31 in wide x 33 in deep x 33 in tall 


Comfort Companion | Pair of Classic Low Back Club Chairs by KREISS Co.

Pair of Classic Low Back Club Chairs by KREISS Co.

Some people run marathons with friends. Some people hike 16 miles into the Grand Canyon with friends. Some people sky dive with friends. You are so grateful to have friends who would rather binge watch Netflix than do just about anything. 

This pair of classic low back club chairs was handcrafted in sand-colored linen by KREISS Co. Each chair has rolled arms, fully upholstered feet, and down cushions. 

35 in wide x 32 in tall x 35 in deep x 16 in seat height 


Live, Laugh, Sip | Pair of Bent Wood Stools

Pair of Bent Wood Stools

Sure, tea for one is fun; you can contemplate life as you wait for your Earl Gray to cool down. Tea for two, however, is a totally different kind of fun. Whether you enjoy solo sipping or sharing tea time, these chairs have your back(s).

This pair of vintage bent wood stools was hand crafted in Romania.

17 in wide x 17 in deep x 40 in tall x 27 in seat height

$149 each

Comfort in Mind | 1980s Dark Green Leather Sofa

1960s Dark Green Leather Sofa

Sure mid-century sofas may look nice in photographs, but they aren't exactly made with comfort in mind. If you're mostly using your sofa to binge watch the latest series, you'll likely need something a bit more cozy.

This 1980s dark green leather sofa was handcrafted in Italy. 


Hacienda Happiness | Pair of High Back Hacienda Chairs

Pair of High Back Hacienda Chairs

Once you go hacienda, you never go back. Who could give up farm to table noshing for breakfast, lunch and dinner, being surrounded by animals, and looking up at night only to see a blanket of stars?

This pair of high back hacienda chairs was handcrafted in Guatemala and features a full-grain leather upholstery and tacked detailing, 


Lion Around | Handcrafted Metal Lions

Handcrafted Metal Lions

Strength and courage are two traits that are a must in any leader whether you're the king of the jungle, the principal of the high school, or the president of the country club.

These handcrafted metal lions would make great garden ornaments.

Large: 28 in wide x 24 in tall x 6 in deep