Raise the Caliber | Oversized Console Altar Table with Chinese Design

Oversized Console Altar Table

The only problem with this table is that when you bring her home, you’ll immediately have to raise the caliber of every single thing that touches her surface or shares the same air as her. And don’t even think about placing some IKEA or Home Goods tchotchkes nearby.

This oversized console/altar table features a classic Chinese design, fretwork and beautiful hand carved detailing.

84 in long x 15 in day x 33 in tall


Snake Charmer | Oversized Serpentine Sofa

Oversized Serpentine Sofa

The power to possess a venomous snake is nothing compared to getting the interior of your apartment just right; a blend of inspiration and relaxation.

This very special oversized serpentine sofa was custom made and features an inviting 80s modern design, a soft chenille upholstery and three separate pieces. The modular sofa is not only aesthetically impressive, but also extremely comfortable. 

Two of the pieces are 64 long

One is 68 long

Height is 32 inch. 


Uniquely Yours | Oversized Peruvian Pillow

Oversized Peruvian Pillow

Those who appreciate secondhand furniture and home accessories tend to have the best stories. When's the last time you heard a good story start like this, "After wandering aimlessly through IKEA we stumbled upon these unique throw pillows that nobody else in the world has ever seen before."

This beautifully crafted oversized pillow was hand woven from sheep and baby alpaca yarn and embroidered in Peru. 

14 in tall x 36 in long


Column Conundrum | Pair of Oversized Vintage Temple Bookends

Pair of Oversized Vintage Temple Bookends

Your college days may be eons ago, but you're not ready to get rid of your textbooks just yet. Only after you're done paying off your student loans, will you consider recycling them. 

This pair of oversized vintage temple bookends is lofty enough for your college textbooks. 

10 in wide x 10 in tall x 3 in deep 


System Overload | Pair of Oversized Carved Arm Chairs

Pair of Oversized Carved Arm Chairs

With all the fake news, push notifications, and system updates out there these days, it can be hard to find your inner peace. Carve out some time every day to sit and do nothing.

This pair of oversized carved arm chairs are adorned with a tapestry fabric.

41 in tall x 31 in wide x 24 in deep


Greenest of Grass | Oversized Teak Lounge Chairs

Oversized Teak Lounge Chairs

This set of wooden loungers would look absolutely stunning sitting on the greenest of grass. Make sure to wear sunscreen though, there is nothing chic about early raging!

Each of these oversized teak lounge chairs features a bulletin pull-out table. 

34 in wide x 80 in long x 30 in tall