Impeccable Taste | Antique Armoire


Some people inherit antiques from their grandparents. You were fortunate to have a grandmother with impeccable taste in wide brimmed hats and matching pantsuits. Now if only you had somewhere worthy of housing such treasures…

This antique armoire features two large hanging compartments, a drawer, cabinet space, original mirrors and a beautiful carving in the front. Armoire comes in three different pieces making it a dream to move. 

72 in wide x 82 in tall x 21 in deep


1980s Lacquered Mirror by Stevens Art Products, CA

1980s Lacquered Mirror by Stevens Art Products, CA

People don’t often pay attention to the frame of a mirror, instead choosing to focus on their own imperfections. Those who do, however, will be handsomely rewarded.

This 1980s lacquered mirror by Stevens Art Products, CA features a brass trim.

34 1/2 in wide x 44 1/2 in tall


Stop in the Name of Vanity | 1970s Hexagonal Brass Mirror

1970s Hexagonal Brass Mirror

You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you. All jokes aside, if you’re a human it’s likely you check yourself out in the mirror several times daily. What exactly are we looking for? To make sure we don’t have a hair out of place, food stuck in our teeth, or lipstick smeared on our chin? Whatever your reasoning, reflect responsibly!

This 1970s hexagonal brass mirror is a beveled masterpiece.

23 in x 23 in


Love to Love You | Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Though you may be more of the yoga retreat/juice cleanse type (versus your former Studio 54/cocktails self), doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy shiny objects and the occasional Donna Summers record.

This handcrafted disco mirror c.1975 was creatively crafted with a lucite and metal trim. Mirror can be hung in two different ways. 

30 in x 30 in 


Stand Out | Vintage Mirror by Thomasville

Vintage Mirror by Thomasville

Some people dye their hair pink, shave off their eyebrows, or pierce their most sensitive parts to stand apart from the crowd. You, however, just make horrendous faces anytime you pass by a mirror. ''I call this one, The Baked Potato.‘‘

This vintage mirror by Thomasville was crafted in 1965 and features a Greek key and sun design.

36 in wide x 58 in tall