Raise the Caliber | Oversized Console Altar Table with Chinese Design

Oversized Console Altar Table

The only problem with this table is that when you bring her home, you’ll immediately have to raise the caliber of every single thing that touches her surface or shares the same air as her. And don’t even think about placing some IKEA or Home Goods tchotchkes nearby.

This oversized console/altar table features a classic Chinese design, fretwork and beautiful hand carved detailing.

84 in long x 15 in day x 33 in tall


Classic Quality | Four French-style Dining Chairs by Henredon

Four French-style Dining Chairs by Henredon

Henredon has been building quality furniture since 1945, something that’s hard to find amongst the plethora of mass produced garbage available these days.

Each of these beautifully carved French-style dining chairs by Henredon features a comfy cane back.

44 in tall x 20 in wide x 23 in deep


Confucius Say |  Large Antique Confucius Statue Lamp

Large Antique Confucius Statue

Confucius once said, “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” Like refusing to participate in the fast fashion industry and committing to eating only organic produce and meat, you can also commit to purchasing sustainably for the home as well. Hint, buying vintage or second hand is ALWAYS sustainable.

This large antique Confucius statue was converted into lamp. Carved from wood, this statuesque lamp has its original finish. 

36 in tall x 10 in wide x 8 in deep


Ritual Romance | Elegant 1920s Vanity


Self-care 101. Whether you’re putting on your moisturiser before work or cleansing your skin before bed, setting aside time for ritualised skincare is a must for anyone.

This beautifully carved 1920s vanity features three drawers, a mirrored top and a compact frame, perfect for any cozy nook.

39 in long x 31 in tall x 19 in deep


Year of the Dragon | Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Those born under the sign of the dragon are known to be hot headed and have a sharp tongue. With that also comes courage, tenacity and intelligence. It’s also the only sign represented by a mythical creature, rather than a real life animal.

Each of these vintage carved dragon nightstands features a beautiful mother of pearl inlayed top, a drawer, cabinet space, and multiple carved dragons.


Intense Interests | Pair of Carved Tribal Bookends

Oversized Temple Bookends

Before there were Facebook interests, people would display their books in a more public room in the house, like the living room, so that people could have a quick glimpse into their psyche and understand them better.  What message do these bookends send? 

This pair of large carved tribal bookends will get all the attention. 

10 in wide x 5 in wide x 5 in deep 


Just Shy of Grandiose | Mid-century Carved Wood Console Table

Mid-century Carved Wood Console Table

If your entry way is anything shy of grandiose, then you’ll likely need a table that won’t take up too much space. 

This mid-century carved wood console table features a travertine top crafted in Italy. 

53 1/2 in wide x 13 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall


Ottoman Origins | Custom Made Ottoman With Talon Feet

Custom Made Ottoman With Talon Feet

Ottomans are usually associated with propping up our feet, but their origin was actually more "seat like" in nature. Introduced to Europe by Turkey in the 18th century, ottomans were upholstered seats with cushions on top that functioned as the central piece of seating (much like the modern day sofa.) Some even went around the entire room (like a sectional.)

This custom made ottoman features an embossed leather design and carved talon feet.

29 in wide x 24 in deep x 20 in tall