Thank You For Being a Friend | Pair of Classic La Jolla Night Stands

Pair of Classic La Jolla Night Stands

Didn’t Blanche have these night stands on The Golden Girls? Just think of the stories they would tell…

This pair of classic La Jolla night stands was beautifully handcrafted with cane and reed trim and features two large drawers with bamboo medallions on the front. 

32 in wide x 22 in deep x 22 in tall


Orchard Overload | Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Vintage Fruitwood Nightstands

Fruitwood is, you guess it, any wood from a fruit tree. More specifically, it’s the woody growth of the scion of any grafted fruit tree above the graft. By contrast, the rootstock is the part of the plant below the graft.

Each of these vintage fruitwood nightstands features three drawers and a pull out table.

16 in deep x 26 in wide x 26 1/2 in tall


The Beauty of Stress | Pair of Mid-century Night Stands

Pair of Mid-century Night Stands

Ever heard the term “burl wood”? Though it sounds like a type of tree, it’s not. A burl is actually an external growth that can form on any tree undergoing stress such as an injury or fungal infection. If the tree's growth hormones are disrupted it will produce a large dark burl (or bump) on the outside. Once cut open, however, an array of colorful looking lumps and swirls will appear.

Each of these mid-century night stands features a burl wood trim and two drawers.

 21 in wide x 21 in tall x 16 in deep 

$395/ pair

Wondering What Our Items Would Look Like With A Makeover?

Wondering What Our Items Would Look Like With A Makeover?

What you see at Casa Victoria is not always what you get. While a lot of our items are perfect as-is, some of them could benefit from a little nip-tuck (if you know what I mean.) That's why we were so thrilled to have Reviltaliste, a full-service furniture revitalization company that handles everything from pick up to final delivery, acknowledge us as a go-to source for antiques and vintage in the Los Angeles area.

Trusted by top interior design professionals, Revitaliste makes it easier than ever to transform your favorite furniture into something you will truly love. In their most recent blog post, they've taken some current Casa Vic items and added their own design flair - from bold lacquer to fresh upholstery fabrics.

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Exclamation Point | Pair of Gray Laminate 1980s Nightstands

Pair of  Gray Laminate 1980s Nightstands

Making bold statements shouldn’t just be reserved for boardrooms and courtrooms. If your bedroom is dancing on the edge of modest and demure, throw a few exclamation points on it right this minute!

Each of these bow shaped 1980s nightstands was custom made and features a grey laminate finish and drawer. 

36 wide x 18 deep x 23 tall 


Year of the Dragon | Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Those born under the sign of the dragon are known to be hot headed and have a sharp tongue. With that also comes courage, tenacity and intelligence. It’s also the only sign represented by a mythical creature, rather than a real life animal.

Each of these vintage carved dragon nightstands features a beautiful mother of pearl inlayed top, a drawer, cabinet space, and multiple carved dragons.


Two Blessed | Pair of French-style Night Stands

Pair of French-style Night Stands

The only thing better than having one adorably charming night stand by your side, is being sandwiched in between two. Too blessed to be stressed.

This pair of French-style night stands was handcrafted and features a shelf and drawer space. Their compact size makes them practical for tiny spaces. 

22 in wide x 26 in tall x 15 in deep


Ancient Symbols | 1960s Greek Key Nightstands

1960s Greek Key Nightstands

A Greek key is a universal sign for sophistication. According to Wikipedia, it's also one of the most important symbols in Greece and is believed to symbolize infinity and unity. The world could use a few more Greek keys, don't you think? 

Each of these 1960s nightstands features a drawer with Greek key design. Because the nightstands are smaller in scale they would be perfect for a small bedroom. 

16 in deep x 21in wide x 23 in tall 


Paired Down | Vintage Nightstands With Drawer and Cabinet Space

Vintage Nightstands With Drawer and Cabinet Space

As a rule of thumb, less is usually more (unless you're talking about socks, of course.) In that case, you're going to need an extra drawer or two. 

Each of these vintage nightstands features a drawer and cabinet space. 

17 1/2 in deep x 25 1/2 in wide x 21 in tall


Choose Both | Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

There is no reason why you should have to between classy and sassy. You can literally have anything your heart desires. 

This pair of French-style Thomasville nightstands would be great accompanied by this tall chest. 

24 in tall x 16 in deep 


Scented Plug Ins | Handcrafted Nightstands with Twig and Leaf Detailing

Handcrafted Nightstands

You don’t have to live in a treehouse to weave nature into your lifestyle. It can be as simple as investing in some indestructible house plants, getting some of those pine scented plug ins, and adorning your abode with thoughtful items such as these end tables. 

These handcrafted nightstands have a real twig and leaf detailing, metal bands woven into a handcrafted top, a drawer and a lower shelf. 

22 in wide x 14 1/2 in deep x 22 in tall 


Catch Up | Pair of Timeless Mahogany Night Stands

Pair of Timeless Mahogany Nightstands

Dark wood carries a sort of trust and credibility that teak and oak will never be able to emulate. It's like asking advice from your grandma versus your 7-year-old niece. 

Each of these timeless mahogany night stands features two drawers and original brass hardware. 

27 in tall x 18 in wide x 15 in deep. 

$295 (pair)

Coast to Coaster | Rosewood Night Stands

Rosewood Night Stands

If this phrase "and this is why we can't have nice things" is a popular one in your household, then I suggest you invest in a nice set of coasters right now. You're going to be a sad Sally, if this dynamic duo gets damaged.

Each of these night stands features a drawer, a lower shelf, and a rosewood finish.

23 in wide x 20 in tall x 16 in deep.


Tucked Away | Pair of Black Andalusian-style Night Stands

Pair of Black Andalusian-style Night Stands

Not having extra storage by the bed can be a real mood breaker, if you know what I mean. It's not like you want to keep your mouth guard on display like it's the Mona Lisa or something. Some things are better left tucked away. 

This pair of black Andalusian-style night stands by American of Martinsville features brass hardware, an interior shelf, and a platform base. 

27 in wide x 17 1/2 in deep x 22 1/2 in tall