Ratifying Documents | 1930s New England Style Desk

1930s New England Style Desk

Signing contracts, ratifying documents, and co-founding companies requires integrity of mind and space. This desk takes care of the latter. 

This 1930s New England style desk features a pull out extension and two drawers. Desk would also make a great kitchen table. 

45 1/2 in long x 25 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall 


Fictional Function | Pair of Custom Made 1940s Bookcases


Your partner likes to read non fiction because he says he doesn’t see the point in reading something he can’t learn from. You smile sweetly recalling everything you’ve learned by reading in between the lines of a good fiction novel. 

This pair of custom made 1940s bookcases means business.

10 in wide x 30 in deep x 33 in tall


Executive Suite Spot | Classic Leather Executive Desk Chair

Classic Leather Executive Desk Chair

Though you consider yourself an empathetic servant leader, always putting your people first, you can’t help but partake in the executive suite lifestyle every now and then.

This classic leather executive desk chair by Hancock & Moore, features a buttoned seat back, hand tacked detailing and an adjustable height.  

32 in deep x 29 in wide x 39 in tall x 18 in seat height


Inner Bombshell | French-style 11 Drawer Chest by National Furniture Co.

French-style 11 Drawer Chest by National Furniture Co.

Shopping sustainable brands or vintage whenever possible not only reduces your overall carbon footprint, but it allows you the opportunity to get in touch with your inner bombshell.

This French-style 11-drawer chest was handcrafted by National Furniture Co. in North Carolina.  (and is sustainable…because it’s vintage!)

72 in long x 34 in tall x 19 in deep


Work Space of Art | 1980s Office Credenza

1980s Office Credenza

Though you’d never trade in your Spotify and Netflix for VHS and cassette tapes, you would be willing to upgrade your Ikea assemblage for this work of vintage work [space] of art.

This 1980s office credenza features two wood file drawers and a beautiful wood work station stacked on top of an oversized metal cube base. 

72 in long x 19 in deep x 29 in wide 


Important Matters | Mid-century Modern Credenza

Mid-century Modern Credenza

Whether you are a business partner or a life partner, if you want to be taken seriously as a partner, you're going to need a sophisticated way of storing important documents.

This mid-century modern credenza by Bernhardt features a curved front, original hardware, a silverware drawer and cabinet space. 

33 in tall x58 in wide x 21 in deep


Digital Age | Mid-century Walnut Wall Unit

Mid-century Walnut Wall Unit

In today’s digital age the ultimate act of rebellion is to completely check out. Turn off all your devices and curl up with a book instead.

This mid-century wall unit is crafted from dark walnut and features an adjustable shelf, a cabinet, drawer space, and a drop down bar cabinet.

60 in wide x 71 in tall x 16 in deep


Happiness is Only a Chair Away | Classic Asian-style Arm Chair

Classic Asian-style Arm Chair

Grading essays, writing tests and reading literature to possibly include in upcoming lectures are a few of your favorite things. Though you're certain you'll open some minds this semester, you are most looking forward to opening your own even further. 

This classic Asian-style arm chair features a brown silk upholstery. 

28 in wide x 30 in deep x 33 in tall 


Old is New | Mid-century Desk Chair

Mid-century Desk Chair

Just because you are an early adopter of the latest and greatest technology, doesn't mean you feel the same way about furniture. There is some truth to the phrase "they just don't make 'em like they used to" especially when referring to comfy seats like this one. 

This mid-century desk chair features an adjustable seat back. 

32 in tall x 20 in wide x 24 in deep. 


More Pros | Classic 1970s Wicker Vanity and Matching Chair

Classic 1970s Wicker Vanity and Matching Chair

Sure, working from home has its disadvantages (like missing out on water cooler banter), but you'd have to say there are far more pros than cons like not waking up with an alarm, not having to sit in traffic, and getting to pick out your own office furniture.

This classic 1970's wicker vanity comes with its own matching chair. How cute. 

40 in wide x 30 in tall x 20 in deep


Get to Work | 1966 Classic Faux Bamboo Desk by Thomasville

1966 Classic Faux Bamboo Desk by Thomasville

Pallid yellow is literally the most feel good color out there. Not only does it make you feel safe and warm, but it also makes you feel happy. Imagine how great it would feel to walk into your office and actually be inspired to sit down and get to work. 

This classic faux bamboo desk by Thomasville was crafted in 1966. 

40 in wide x 19 in deep x 30 in tall


Larger Than Life Personality | Tall Mid-century Spanish-style Desk by Kent Coffey

Tall Mid-century Spanish-style Desk

You’ve never been one to take the path most trampled. It’s important that your space is filled with as much personality as your own.

This tall mid-century Spanish-style desk by Kent Coffey is bold and beautiful.

34 in wide x 47 in tall x 17 in deep 


Dirt Trap | Classic Camel Back Sofa

Classic Camel Back Sofa

We totally understand if you would rather keep this sofa safely tucked away in your home office instead of exposing it to the following risks; dirty toddler hands, red wine spillage, and Golden Doodle dander. 

This classic camel back sofa would be great in your new office.

84 in long x 32 in deep x 35 in tall