Fictional Function | Pair of Custom Made 1940s Bookcases


Your partner likes to read non fiction because he says he doesn’t see the point in reading something he can’t learn from. You smile sweetly recalling everything you’ve learned by reading in between the lines of a good fiction novel. 

This pair of custom made 1940s bookcases means business.

10 in wide x 30 in deep x 33 in tall


Stubbed Toes, Snubbed Nose | Contemporary-style Bookcase

Contemporary-style Bookcase

The stacks of art books your have piled around your living room was once charming, but now it’s getting out of control. Not only is it hard to locate a specific title, but your poor toes are suffering from the constant interaction.

This contemporary-style bookcase is made of metal and wood.

12 in deep x 36 in wide x 60 in tall


Dance Mood | Classic Mid-century Teak Book Case

Some days you feel like doing the twist while other days you want to do the damn hustle. Lucky for you, this cabinet space will hold all of your beloved records, no matter your dance mood.

This classic mid-century teak book case features adjustable shelves and cabinet space. It would be the perfect place to store your record player and vinyl.

72 in tall x 36 in wide x 15 in deep


Well Known | Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Though claims there is no royalty in your bloodline, you aren't entirely convinced. Any time you have to wait in line, you can feel the VIP screaming at you from the inside, "Do you KNOW who I am?"

This vintage gilded bookcase was crafted in 1990 and features gorgeous cane shelves.

25 in wide x 15 in deep x 39 in tall