Dance Mood | Classic Mid-century Teak Book Case

Some days you feel like doing the twist while other days you want to do the damn hustle. Lucky for you, this cabinet space will hold all of your beloved records, no matter your dance mood.

This classic mid-century teak book case features adjustable shelves and cabinet space. It would be the perfect place to store your record player and vinyl.

72 in tall x 36 in wide x 15 in deep


Novel Idea | Custom Made Wine Case Book Shelf

Custom Made Wine Case Book Shelf

When people ask you if you have any hobbies, you never know what to say. Does reading historical fiction and sipping organic wine count? Of course it does!

This custom made wine case doesn’t just do a great job of supporting your Tempranillo and Malbec habit but it also doubles as storage for your growing paperback collection.

80 in tall x 48 in wide x 11 1/2 in deep


Paper Weight | Classic Lawyer's Book Case

Classic Lawyer's Book Case

Your friends make fun of you for keeping all of your old text books from college. You’d rather use them as paperweights however, than sell them back to the school bookstore for mere pennies on the dollar.

This classic “lawyer’s” book case features glass fronts.

58 in tall x 36 in wide x 13 in deep