Beach Towels and Bathing Suits | Vintage Wicker Etageres

Vintage Wicker Etageres

Though living by the beach has some downsides (i.e. sandy sheets), the positives far outweigh the negatives. Now if only you had a place to amass all your beach towels and bathing suits. 

Each of these vintage wicker etageres features a shelf, drawer space and campaign style hardware. Perfect for your beach house.

80 in tall x 14 in deep x 29 in wide 


Well Known | Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Though claims there is no royalty in your bloodline, you aren't entirely convinced. Any time you have to wait in line, you can feel the VIP screaming at you from the inside, "Do you KNOW who I am?"

This vintage gilded bookcase was crafted in 1990 and features gorgeous cane shelves.

25 in wide x 15 in deep x 39 in tall


Check, Check, Check | 1970s Hacienda-style Wall Unit

1970s Hacienda-style Wall Unit

Organizing becomes a lot easier when all your storage needs are located in one unit. Book shelf? Check. Junk drawer? Check. Important files? Check. 

This 1970s Hacienda-style wall unit features a cabinet, drawer space, and a drop down bar.

15 in deep x 59 in wide x 70 in tall