Year of the Dragon | Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Pair of Vintage Carved Dragon Nightstands

Those born under the sign of the dragon are known to be hot headed and have a sharp tongue. With that also comes courage, tenacity and intelligence. It’s also the only sign represented by a mythical creature, rather than a real life animal.

Each of these vintage carved dragon nightstands features a beautiful mother of pearl inlayed top, a drawer, cabinet space, and multiple carved dragons.


Return to You | Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamp

Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamp

If you feel imbalanced, like the world around you is slowly falling apart, perhaps it's a sign that you need a timeout, an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the things that matter the most. Journal, meditate, or listen to relaxing music. Do whatver you have to do to return to you.

This large mid-century ceramic lamp set features an inlayed design.

15 in wide x 22 in tall


Gratitude and Giving | 1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

If you want to experience happiness practice these two things; gratitude and giving. Giving a gift will give you more happiness than buying something for yourself! Try it (and then don’t forget to thank us!)

This 1975 inlayed jewelry box from Italy plays “Send The Clowns.” 


SOLD | Sight for Sore Eyes | Mid-Century Walnut Coffee Table With Inlayed Travertine

Travertine is a form of limestone that is a by-product of mineral springs (especially hot springs). Travertine may not cure your aches and pains, but it sure is a sight for sore eyes. This beautiful mid-century walnut coffee table even has an inlayed travertine.

60 in wide x 21 in deep x 16 in tall


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