Colorful Kitchen | Painting of Flowers with Bumble Bee

Painting of Flowers with Bumble Bee

Need a mood boost early in the morning? Add a splash of color above the Keurig. While you’re waiting for your personality to finish brewing, you’ll be subliminally evoking some good vibes into your brain. Score!

This painting of flowers with bumble bee, c.1975 captures the simplicity of life without oversimplifying it.

26 1/2 in wide x 33 in tall 


Love to Love You | Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Handcrafted Disco Mirror

Though you may be more of the yoga retreat/juice cleanse type (versus your former Studio 54/cocktails self), doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy shiny objects and the occasional Donna Summers record.

This handcrafted disco mirror c.1975 was creatively crafted with a lucite and metal trim. Mirror can be hung in two different ways. 

30 in x 30 in 


Gratitude and Giving | 1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

1975 Inlayed Jewelry Box from Italy

If you want to experience happiness practice these two things; gratitude and giving. Giving a gift will give you more happiness than buying something for yourself! Try it (and then don’t forget to thank us!)

This 1975 inlayed jewelry box from Italy plays “Send The Clowns.” 


Working Remotely | 1975 Asian-style Credenza

1975 Asian-style Credenza

In need of a whimsical storage cabinet for all your media needs? This impressive piece will keep all of your components out of sight so you can focus on more important matters like where the hell you put the remote.

This 1975 Asian-style credenza features a low design and three cabinets (two with drawers). 

25 in tall x64 in wide x 20 in deep