Fancy Fretwork | Vintage Asian-style Dining Table


Don’t know what fretwork is? Don’t fret! Carved in low relief or on a solid background, fretwork refers to a decorative design that is often geometric and interlaced. You can find fretwork patterns in any material but the most common ones are wood and metal.

This vintage Asian-style dining table in hardwood features a beautiful fretwork top.

71 in long x 35 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall


Ratifying Documents | 1930s New England Style Desk

1930s New England Style Desk

Signing contracts, ratifying documents, and co-founding companies requires integrity of mind and space. This desk takes care of the latter. 

This 1930s New England style desk features a pull out extension and two drawers. Desk would also make a great kitchen table. 

45 1/2 in long x 25 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall 


Sturdy Days | Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

If you’re currently raising a few bulls in a china shop, investing in a sturdy piece of iron furniture isn’t such a bad idea.

This original, mid-century iron dining table by Arthur Umanoff comes with 1/2 in thick smoked glass top. 

49 1/2 in round x 29 1/2 in tall


Up On Top | Custom Made Pedestal Dining Table

Custom Made Pedestal Dining Table

Putting anyone in your life on a pedestal is a surefire way of being disappointed when they don't live up to your lofty expectations. Putting a vase of vibrant sunflowers on your pedestal table however, will do no harm whatsoever. 

This custom made pedestal dining table comes with two 12-inch extensions and features a high gloss finish and unique tassel-design base. 

47 in round x 29 1/2 in tall 


Seemingly Scholarly | Classic Chippendale Dining Table

Classic Chippendale Dining Table

If inanimate objects could receive PhDs, this table would be at the top of his class. Just imagine how much more scholarly and sophisticated your dining room would seem with this classy gent nestled there. 

This classic Chippendale dining table was handcrafted in North Carolina and includes two 18 inch extensions. 

44 in round x 29 in tall


SOLD | Coming or Going | 1960s Mid-century DREXEL Drop Leaf Table

1960s Mid-century DREXEL Drop Leaf Table

In your chaotic world, functional furniture is a must. Because you never know who is coming or going, so you always end up cooking for an entire army. Now you just need somewhere to put all of those hungry bodies! 

This mid-century DREXEL drop leaf table was crafted in 1960.

60 in long x 36 in 1/2 deep x 29 in tall (when fully extended) 


Sun Sign | Round Dining Table by Hollister

Round Dining Table by Hollister

Everyone knows their sun sign, but you’ll have to dig a bit deeper into your birth chart if you want to understand the bigger picture. Your moon sign, for example, is linked to your subconscious, instinct, and habits. 

This round dining table is an original by Hollister and features an inlayed sun design. Just in from Santa Barbara, this beautifully crafted table features a retro ‘peg’ construction.

50 in round x 29 1/2 in tall


SOLD | Comforts of Home | Round Farm House Dining Table

Round Farm House Dining Table

You would rather host a small dinner party with your closest friends than go through the trouble of making a reservation, finding a parking spot, shouting over the other patrons, and risking an allergic reaction to the food. 

Not only does this round Farm House dining table exude charm and delight, it also has a built-in 20 inch extension. 

48 in round x 30 in tall


Familiar Feast | Mid-century Danish-style Dining Table

Mid-century Danish-style Dining Table

Your brood isn't getting any smaller any time soon. Go ahead and start planning for future family gatherings now.

This mid-century Danish-style dining table features an oval shape, a pedestal base and space for extensions (not included.)

68 in long x 29 in tall x 45 in deep


Airplane Mode | Teak Extension Dining Table

Teak Extension Dining Table

Eating dinner as a family is a great time to reconnect and strengthen the bonds between. Eating delivery at the table still counts as quality family time, just as long as everyone's smartphones are switched to Airplane Mode while you nosh.

This teak extension dining table from Denmark seats 6-10 people. 

36 in deep x 29 1/2 in tall x 53 in wide (93 in wide when fully extended)


Legs for Days | 1920s Drop Leaf Dining Table

1920s Drop Leaf Dining Table

Though there might be a bit more girth around your waist, a few more wrinkles near your eyes, and a couple of wiry grays springing forth from your head, your legs don't look a day over 20. 

This 1920s drop leaf dining table has a great set of ‘gate legs’

31 in tall x 42 in wide x 21 in deep (54 in deep when extended)


Gather 'Round | Mid-century Drop Leaf Table

Mid-century Drop Leaf Table

You've always wanted the kind of house where neighbors can just drop in for a tea or slice of cake if they get the hankering. Before you can start building a community of support however, you'll need to invest in a place for them to gather 'round.

This mid-century drop leaf table is everything you’ve ever wanted in a dining experience, and maybe more.

62 in long x 29 in tall x 40 in deep