Get to Work | 1966 Classic Faux Bamboo Desk by Thomasville

1966 Classic Faux Bamboo Desk by Thomasville

Pallid yellow is literally the most feel good color out there. Not only does it make you feel safe and warm, but it also makes you feel happy. Imagine how great it would feel to walk into your office and actually be inspired to sit down and get to work. 

This classic faux bamboo desk by Thomasville was crafted in 1966. 

40 in wide x 19 in deep x 30 in tall


Larger Than Life Personality | Tall Mid-century Spanish-style Desk by Kent Coffey

Tall Mid-century Spanish-style Desk

You’ve never been one to take the path most trampled. It’s important that your space is filled with as much personality as your own.

This tall mid-century Spanish-style desk by Kent Coffey is bold and beautiful.

34 in wide x 47 in tall x 17 in deep 


Botanicals Are Back | Vintage Hand Painted Chest by Stanley Furniture

Vintage Hand Painted Chest

I said it once, and I will say it again. Botanicals are back in the best way…and here to stay.

This vintage hand painted chest by Stanley Furniture features cabinet space and three drawers. 

36 in wide x 51 in tall x 17 in deep


Simply Curated | 1994 Henredon Sideboard

1994 Henredon Sideboard

As a writing professor, you don’t have much time to read anything else other than your students’ essays, hence why your obsession with simply curated coffee table books is growing out of control.

This classic yet modern designed sideboard by Henredon features a white washed finish. Made of the finest quality, sideboard features a cabinet, drawer space, an iron base, and a lower shelf for coffee table books. 

72 in long x 19 in deep x 32 in tall


Dance Mood | Classic Mid-century Teak Book Case

Some days you feel like doing the twist while other days you want to do the damn hustle. Lucky for you, this cabinet space will hold all of your beloved records, no matter your dance mood.

This classic mid-century teak book case features adjustable shelves and cabinet space. It would be the perfect place to store your record player and vinyl.

72 in tall x 36 in wide x 15 in deep


Baggage Claim | Vintage Greek Key Dresser by Thomasville

Vintage Greek Key Dresser by Thomasville

Touching down on safe ground after weeks of being away from home is one of the best feelings, (second, of course, to seeing your smiling family at baggage claim.)

This vintage dresser by Thomasville was crafted in 1964 and features a Greek key design and brass trim. Would also function as a credenza in the office.

74 in long x 20 in deep x 33 in tall


Positive Outlook | Contemporary Style Desk

Contemporary Style Desk

The color green is associated with youthful feelings, positive outlooks, fresh ideas and vibrant energies, (oh and don't forget about money.) In addition it also has become synonymous with harmony and nature. Who wouldn't want all these lovely associations around them while hacking away at a thesis or writing a proposals for a new client?

This contemporary style desk features a green lacquered finish and turner wood legs 

24 in deep x 48 in wide x 30 in tall


Well Known | Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Vintage Gilded Bookcase

Though claims there is no royalty in your bloodline, you aren't entirely convinced. Any time you have to wait in line, you can feel the VIP screaming at you from the inside, "Do you KNOW who I am?"

This vintage gilded bookcase was crafted in 1990 and features gorgeous cane shelves.

25 in wide x 15 in deep x 39 in tall


Working Remotely | 1975 Asian-style Credenza

1975 Asian-style Credenza

In need of a whimsical storage cabinet for all your media needs? This impressive piece will keep all of your components out of sight so you can focus on more important matters like where the hell you put the remote.

This 1975 Asian-style credenza features a low design and three cabinets (two with drawers). 

25 in tall x64 in wide x 20 in deep


Hands On | Vintage Drafting Stool

Vintage Drafting Stool

Ergonomic office chairs are for people who plan on sitting for hours behind a screen. This chair however, is for the creators, the crafters, the artists; especially those who like to build things with their hands and aren't afraid to get a little dirt under the fingernails in the meantime.

This vintage drafting stool offers support and flexibility when you are in between tasks.

38 in tall adjustable x 18 in wide x 18 in deep


Novel Idea | Custom Made Wine Case Book Shelf

Custom Made Wine Case Book Shelf

When people ask you if you have any hobbies, you never know what to say. Does reading historical fiction and sipping organic wine count? Of course it does!

This custom made wine case doesn’t just do a great job of supporting your Tempranillo and Malbec habit but it also doubles as storage for your growing paperback collection.

80 in tall x 48 in wide x 11 1/2 in deep


Check, Check, Check | 1970s Hacienda-style Wall Unit

1970s Hacienda-style Wall Unit

Organizing becomes a lot easier when all your storage needs are located in one unit. Book shelf? Check. Junk drawer? Check. Important files? Check. 

This 1970s Hacienda-style wall unit features a cabinet, drawer space, and a drop down bar.

15 in deep x 59 in wide x 70 in tall


Paper Weight | Classic Lawyer's Book Case

Classic Lawyer's Book Case

Your friends make fun of you for keeping all of your old text books from college. You’d rather use them as paperweights however, than sell them back to the school bookstore for mere pennies on the dollar.

This classic “lawyer’s” book case features glass fronts.

58 in tall x 36 in wide x 13 in deep