Strategic Square-down | Large Onyx and Marble Chess Set Handcrafted in Pakistan

Large chess set handcrafted in Pakistan

Because your dad let you stay up late to play chess with him as a youth, you now do the same for your son. There is nothing like bonding over a strategic square-down.

This large chess set was handcrafted in Pakistan from  multi green onyx and white marble. 

16 x 16 


Teen Angst | Onyx Eagle Phone from Pakistan

Onyx Eagle Phone from Pakistan

It was a whole lot easier to be a sneaky teenager before the digital age. When you wanted to go to a party, all you had to do was have your friend pretend to be her mom, "Yes Martha, the girls are safe with me. No need to worry."

This vintage eagle phone from Pakistan is made of onyx. Perfect for making calls when you’re waiting for your iPhone to charge. 

9 in tall x 12 in wide x 4 in deep


Good Fortune | Multi Green Onyx Elephant

For a long time, elephants have been considered a good luck charm. If you want to ensure that only fortune enters your house, place a carving of an elephant or a picture of one, with his trunk pointed towards the door. 

This lucky elephant was handcrafted from a beautiful multi green onyx.

6 in deep x 8 1/2 in tall x 3 in wide


Treasured Keepsakes | Hand Carved Onyx Dish

Hand Carved Onyx Dish

Living a minimalist life doesn't mean you have to rid your home of any nostalgia or memorable keepsakes, quite the contrary. Instead, it encourages you to examine the objects (or collectibles) and determine how much joy something brings you. If your concert ticket stub collection brings you absolute joy, then find them a place that they can coexist with your other treasured possessions. We are choosy of the people who we let into our lives, we should have the same standard for objects. 

This hand carved onyx dish would be perfect for holding treasured keepsakes such as jewelry or ticket stubs. 

2 in tall x 5 in round 


SOLD | Early Bird Catches the Book Worm | Metal Bird Bookends With Onyx Base

You have never really been interested in experiencing any sort of night life. You would much rather run a hot bath and sink into a bestseller than have to yell across the table to your friends. These charming bird bookends are made from metal and sit on an onyx base.

5 in wide, 3 in deep x 7 in tall


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