Hopeless Romantics | Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Vintage Wicker Etagere Wall Unit

Whenever we make progress technologically speaking there’s always a group of nostalgic folks clinging to the remnants of the past. These are the hopeless romantics, the daydreamers, the memory keepers.

This vintage wicker etagere wall unit was hand crafted and features a storage cabinet and space for a record player.

18 in x 54 in x 77 in tall


Pride and Prejudice | Chrome Regency-style Etagere

Chrome Regency-style Etagere

If your favorite genre of books is less than hip (I’m looking at you business leadership aficionados), doesn’t mean you can’t display them with pride. It just means your display must be extraordinary.

This chrome Regency-style etagere has five shelves and a brass trim 

83 in tall x 15 in deep x 30 in wide 


Red Wine Proof | Set of 4 Mahogany Colonial-style Chairs

Set of 4 Mahogany Colonial style Chairs

Why anyone would purchase dining chairs with white fabric is beyond me. They either solely sustain on rice and water or they clearly don’t have the same wine-enthusiast friends that I do.

Each of these four mahogany colonial-style chairs has a plush seat.

19 in deep x 18 in wide x 32 in tall and 18 in seat height


Zen Escape | Asian-style Credenza by Davis Cabinet Co.

Asian-style Credenza by Davis Cabinet Co.

The last thing you want to do after a long day is come home to a house full of clutter. Strategically placed storage is key for a zen escape.

This understated yet elegant Asian-style credenza was handcrafted in Tennessee by Davis Cabinet Co and features drawers for cutlery and plenty of storage space. 

72 in long x 19 in deep x 31 in tall


Ratifying Documents | 1930s New England Style Desk

1930s New England Style Desk

Signing contracts, ratifying documents, and co-founding companies requires integrity of mind and space. This desk takes care of the latter. 

This 1930s New England style desk features a pull out extension and two drawers. Desk would also make a great kitchen table. 

45 1/2 in long x 25 1/2 in deep x 30 in tall 


Inner Bombshell | French-style 11 Drawer Chest by National Furniture Co.

French-style 11 Drawer Chest by National Furniture Co.

Shopping sustainable brands or vintage whenever possible not only reduces your overall carbon footprint, but it allows you the opportunity to get in touch with your inner bombshell.

This French-style 11-drawer chest was handcrafted by National Furniture Co. in North Carolina.  (and is sustainable…because it’s vintage!)

72 in long x 34 in tall x 19 in deep


Sturdy Days | Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

Mid-century Iron Dining Table by Arthur Umanoff

If you’re currently raising a few bulls in a china shop, investing in a sturdy piece of iron furniture isn’t such a bad idea.

This original, mid-century iron dining table by Arthur Umanoff comes with 1/2 in thick smoked glass top. 

49 1/2 in round x 29 1/2 in tall


Family Dinner | Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Tall Vintage Hutch c. 1900

Though a few things have changed since the 1900s, such as being able to order dinner from the tiny glowing screen in your pocket and then having it delivered to your front door, the concept of eating together as a family certainly hasn’t.

This tall vintage hutch c. 1900 features adjustable shelves behind beveled glass doors, two drawers, cabinet space and intricate carvings on the front. Hutch is the perfect parking spot for books, fine china or other trinket storage.

85 in tall x 42 in wide x 19 in deep 


Hexagonal Goner | Classic 1967 Esperanto Chest by Drexel

Classic 1967 Esperanto Chest by Drexel

Esperanto may be a phonetic language with Latin roots but it also borrows words from English, German, Polish, and Russian. It’s a language with an identity crisis. Luckily you don’t need to know Esperanto to be able to appreciate this hexagonal series from Drexel.

This classic 1967 “Esperanto” chest by Drexel has nine drawers, brass hardware and a valet tray. 

19 in deep x 70 in wide x 32 in tall


Entertainment Biz | Set of Six 1980s Italian Dining Chairs

Set of Six 1980s Italian Dining Chairs

These chairs were made for entertaining. If it's been a while since you've hosted a shindig, it's time to dust off the champagne flutes and break out the bubbly. 

Each of these six 1980s Italian dining chairs features an ivory lacquer frame, a tall, a slightly curved back, and an original leather seat. 

42 in tall x 23 in deep x 19 in wide 18 in seat height


Stashed Away | Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Vintage Rattan China Cabinet

Decluttering your life is easy for those who live far far away from distant family members. For those of you who occasionally host family gatherings, you've got to be careful with what you throw away, such as that Disney princess tea set your Aunt Linda gifted you for your wedding ten years ago. Stash it away instead. 

This vintage rattan China cabinet has two shelves and cabinet space. 

50 in wide x 79 in tall x 17 1/2 in deep


Seemingly Scholarly | Classic Chippendale Dining Table

Classic Chippendale Dining Table

If inanimate objects could receive PhDs, this table would be at the top of his class. Just imagine how much more scholarly and sophisticated your dining room would seem with this classy gent nestled there. 

This classic Chippendale dining table was handcrafted in North Carolina and includes two 18 inch extensions. 

44 in round x 29 in tall


Chippendale Defined | Classic Mahogany Chippendale Dining Chairs

Classic Mahogany Chippendale Dining Chairs

What do we mean by 'Chippendale'? Chippendale chairs are what you imagine when you think of the quintessential dining chair. But what characteristics deem it so?  An open back with an elegantly carved silhouette? Check. Cabriole legs in the front? Check. Mahogany frame? Check. 

Each of these classic Chippendale chairs has a sophisticated mahogany frame.

22 in wide x 22 in deep x 42 in tall x 19 in seat height


Prize Catch | Target-back Rattan Dining Chairs by McGuire of San Francisco

Target Back Rattan Dining Chairs
Target Back Rattan Dining Chairs

On the hunt for the perfect chairs? Look no further. These timeless chairs are now in your crosshairs. Act fast before someone runs away with your prize catch.

These target-back rattan and leather dining chairs by McGuire of San Francisco are timeless.

 36 in x 24 in x 20 in x 19 in seat height


Shady Dealings | Vintage Drop Leaf Teak Patio Table

Vintage Drop Leaf Teak Patio Table

Vitamin D is great and all but sometimes you need to seek shelter from the sunny days of summer. Lucky for you this stylish table features an umbrella hole for all your shady dealings. 

This vintage drop-leaf teak patio table features an umbrella hole. When fully extended the table is 56 in wide x 30 in deep x 30 in tall 


Snow White and the Crew | Set of Six Hacienda Chenille Dining Chairs

Set of Six Hacienda Chenille Dining Chairs

There are enough chairs for you, Prince Charming, and your four dwarfs; Stinky, Silly, Cuddly and Jolly.

Each of these six hacienda dining chairs features a soft chenille fabric. Set includes two arm chairs and four side chairs. 

18 in wide x 42 in tall x 21in deep


Beach Towels and Bathing Suits | Vintage Wicker Etageres

Vintage Wicker Etageres

Though living by the beach has some downsides (i.e. sandy sheets), the positives far outweigh the negatives. Now if only you had a place to amass all your beach towels and bathing suits. 

Each of these vintage wicker etageres features a shelf, drawer space and campaign style hardware. Perfect for your beach house.

80 in tall x 14 in deep x 29 in wide 


The Top Shelf | 1980s Brass Finish Etagere

1980s Brass Finish Etagere

You may not have married a tall drink of water, but he's got a sweet disposition. What he lacks in height he makes up for in kindness. You'd rather spend money on step stools and ladders today than therapy in the future. 

This 1980s brass finish etagere features four glass shelves.

38 in wide x 16 in deep x 76 in tall