Enough is Not Enough | Classic 1980s Cerused Oak Dresser by Jay Spectre

1980s Jay Spectre Dresser

Just like Oreos, batteries, and toilet paper, you can never have enough storage or closet space. May your cup runneth over (and that you have plenty of paper towels to sop it up with afterward.)

This classic 1980’s cerused oak dresser by Jay Spectre for Century Furniture features seven drawers, unusual aluminum banding, and platform base. Comes with original mirror.

$1295 set

Important Matters | Mid-century Modern Credenza

Mid-century Modern Credenza

Whether you are a business partner or a life partner, if you want to be taken seriously as a partner, you're going to need a sophisticated way of storing important documents.

This mid-century modern credenza by Bernhardt features a curved front, original hardware, a silverware drawer and cabinet space. 

33 in tall x58 in wide x 21 in deep


Trying Too Hard | 1980s Modern-style Highboy Dresser by LANE

1980s Modern-style Highboy Dresser by LANE

Just like a monochromatic outfit with a metallic accent is classy to the nth degree, this dresser is cool without trying too hard. 

This 1980’s modern-style highboy dresser by LANE features a lacquered finish on a brass-trimmed lacquered base. 

36 in wide x 52 1/2 in tall x 18 in deep 


Good Day | French-style Settee 

French-style Settee 

If you want to start the day off right you’ll need the following things; a strong cup of fair-trade coffee, a healthy breakfast, and a sweet settee to sit on while you lace your shoes. 

This French-style settee is really small, making it a perfect pitstop for the foot of your bed. 

47 in wide x 33 in tall x 24 in deep


Choose Both | Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

Pair of French-style Thomasville Nightstands

There is no reason why you should have to between classy and sassy. You can literally have anything your heart desires. 

This pair of French-style Thomasville nightstands would be great accompanied by this tall chest. 

24 in tall x 16 in deep 


Long Legs | Tall French-style Chest by Thomasville

Tall French-style Chest by Thomasville

Sometimes being tall has disadvantages like when you’re flying economy class and you don’t have enough room for your legs. 

This French-style chest by Thomasville is tall enough for all your wares no matter your height.

42 in wide x 54 in tall x 20 in deep 


Scented Plug Ins | Handcrafted Nightstands with Twig and Leaf Detailing

Handcrafted Nightstands

You don’t have to live in a treehouse to weave nature into your lifestyle. It can be as simple as investing in some indestructible house plants, getting some of those pine scented plug ins, and adorning your abode with thoughtful items such as these end tables. 

These handcrafted nightstands have a real twig and leaf detailing, metal bands woven into a handcrafted top, a drawer and a lower shelf. 

22 in wide x 14 1/2 in deep x 22 in tall 


Catch Up | Pair of Timeless Mahogany Night Stands

Pair of Timeless Mahogany Nightstands

Dark wood carries a sort of trust and credibility that teak and oak will never be able to emulate. It's like asking advice from your grandma versus your 7-year-old niece. 

Each of these timeless mahogany night stands features two drawers and original brass hardware. 

27 in tall x 18 in wide x 15 in deep. 

$295 (pair)

Coast to Coaster | Rosewood Night Stands

Rosewood Night Stands

If this phrase "and this is why we can't have nice things" is a popular one in your household, then I suggest you invest in a nice set of coasters right now. You're going to be a sad Sally, if this dynamic duo gets damaged.

Each of these night stands features a drawer, a lower shelf, and a rosewood finish.

23 in wide x 20 in tall x 16 in deep.


Feng Shui & the Art of Selling a House

Feng Shui & the Art of Selling a House

Selling a house is easy right?  That's why realtors charge super low commissions and the whole process is a breeze!

OK - now that we've all had a good laugh, today we're going to look at how, with a bit of homework and some great vintage items, you can make the whole thing not only enjoyable, but incredibly profitable too!

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Heroic Host | Mid-century Style Credenza by Glenn of California

Mid-century Style Credenza by Glenn of California

You take the role of "dinner party host" very seriously. Guests can expect a plethora of crudités, several main courses (complete with vegetarian options), and wine glasses that are always half full. 

This mid-century style credenza by Glenn of California features a large cabinet space and a drawer for linens or silverware. 

72 in wide x 20 in deep x 30 in tall


Style and Grace | Classic Campaign-style Nightstand

Classic Campaign Style Nightstand

Style and grace define your space. That's why you need furniture that is not only made of quality materials but that leaves an impression on all that are near. 

This classic campaign-style nightstand was handcrafted in North Carolina and features brass hardware.

22 in wide x 14 in deep x 21 1/2 in tall


Botanicals Are Back | Vintage Hand Painted Chest by Stanley Furniture

Vintage Hand Painted Chest

I said it once, and I will say it again. Botanicals are back in the best way…and here to stay.

This vintage hand painted chest by Stanley Furniture features cabinet space and three drawers. 

36 in wide x 51 in tall x 17 in deep


Simply Curated | 1994 Henredon Sideboard

1994 Henredon Sideboard

As a writing professor, you don’t have much time to read anything else other than your students’ essays, hence why your obsession with simply curated coffee table books is growing out of control.

This classic yet modern designed sideboard by Henredon features a white washed finish. Made of the finest quality, sideboard features a cabinet, drawer space, an iron base, and a lower shelf for coffee table books. 

72 in long x 19 in deep x 32 in tall


Loads of Linen | Vintage Market Basket

Vintage Market Basket

As a college student, your mother urged you to buy two pairs of fitted sheets so that you wouldn't have to wait for one to finish washing. Mom's words of advice may or may not be the reason your linen collection is getting out of control. 

This vintage market basket was handcrafted in Poland and would make a great linen storage basket.

36 in wide x 21 in tall x 21 in deep 


Beach House Vibe | Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

If you're hoping to channel that "classic beach house" vibe, then look no further. This pair will surely do the trick. 

This pair of Catalina-style etageres is made of reed and rattan and features a grasscloth trim and cabinet space. Depending on your needs, this multi-functional pair could be used as bar cabinets, record player holders, bookshelves, and more!  

35 W x 19 d x 74 tall


Future Feels | Pair of Mid-century Commodes

Pair of Mid-century Commodes

Twenty years ago, you thought you'd be driving around in a flying car, and squeezing a perfectly nutritional lunch out of a tube. Never in a million years would you have imagined that you'd actually be riding around on your bike, scouring flea markets and yard sales for rare vinyl. 

Each of these mid-century commodes, circa 1950, has an interior shelf and sliding peg-front doors. The pair would be perfectly suited for use as media stands or record player stands.