Strategic Square-down | Large Onyx and Marble Chess Set Handcrafted in Pakistan

Large chess set handcrafted in Pakistan

Because your dad let you stay up late to play chess with him as a youth, you now do the same for your son. There is nothing like bonding over a strategic square-down.

This large chess set was handcrafted in Pakistan from  multi green onyx and white marble. 

16 x 16 


Window To Your Soul | Vintage Japanese Shoji Screen

Vintage Japanese Shoji Screen

In Japanese architecture, a shōji is a door, window or room divider sometimes consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood. Use this gorgeous screen as either fashion or function and you won’t be disappointed either way.

This vintage Japanese Shoji screen was beautifully hand painted and embellished with mother of pearl figurines.

Each panel is 17 3/4 in wide x 72 in tall


Mr. Meow, Get Down Now! | Large 1960s Green Art Glass Vase

Large 1960s Green Art Glass Vase

Giving someone flowers will brighten their life for a few days. Giving someone flowers and a gorgeous vase will keep them smiling for as long as their cat manages to mind his own business and stay off the damn table!

This large 1960s green art glass vase speaks volumes with or without the company of a flower arrangement. 

10 in wide x 31 in tall


Big Space to Fill | Pair of Super-sized Lacquered Urns

Pair of Super-sized Lacquered Urns

When you have a big space to fill, you don’t necessarily need more furniture, you do, however, need your furniture to be larger than life. 

This pair of super-sized lacquered urns were hand painted in China and feature a floral and aviary motif on a wood base.

20 in wide x 45 in tall


No Regrets | 1973 Antique-style Phone

1973 Antique-style Phone

Hello? Are you there? It’s me, your biggest regrets. You’re reading this which means you’re still alive. It’s never too late to forgive, move on, and start again. Start by forgiving yourself first. 

This Antique-style phone was handcrafted in Los Angeles in 1973. 

10 in wide x 6 in deep x 9 in tall 


Hollywood Bowl Essentials | 1950s Travel Bar

1950s Travel Bar

The best part of going to the Hollywood Bowl is that you can BYOB, bring your own bar. Don’t forget to pack some snacks too, you don’t want to get the spins before Willy Nelson comes out.

This 1950’s travel bar comes with all the accessories you need to celebrate with your friends.

15 in wide x 13 in tall x 5 1/2 in deep 


Spring Into Spring | Hand Decorated Chinese Lucky Rabbit

Hand Decorated Chinese Lucky Rabbit

Those awkward months between New Years Eve and the first signs of Spring can be downright depressing, especially if you live in a cold climate. Luckily, Spring is a state of mind.

This hand decorated Chinese lucky rabbit is a splash of Spring regardless of season.

9 in tall x 9 in deep x 6 in wide 


Honkey Knittin’ | Pair of Antique Hand Stitched Pillows

Pair of Antique Hand Stitched Pillows
Pair of Antique Hand Stitched Pillows

Just because your grandma wasn’t a sit at home and knit kind of granny (she was more of a honkey tonkin’, beer guzzling type) doesn’t mean you should be deprived of antique accents.

This pair of antique hand stitched pillows features majestic castle scenes.

18 in tall x 24 in wide


Uniquely Yours | Oversized Peruvian Pillow

Oversized Peruvian Pillow

Those who appreciate secondhand furniture and home accessories tend to have the best stories. When's the last time you heard a good story start like this, "After wandering aimlessly through IKEA we stumbled upon these unique throw pillows that nobody else in the world has ever seen before."

This beautifully crafted oversized pillow was hand woven from sheep and baby alpaca yarn and embroidered in Peru. 

14 in tall x 36 in long


Perfectly Imperfect | Handcrafted Mid-century Brutalist Ashtray

Handcrafted Mid-century Brutalist Ashtray

Brutalist-style can be described as "rugged" or "lacking concern to look comfortable or easy." In other words, it's a breath of fresh air in an over-photoshopped world. 

This mid-century brutalist ashtray was handcrafted from beads of amber glass and metal.

9 x 9 x 2 


Fun and Functional | Handcrafted Mosaic Platter

Handcrafted Mosaic Platter

Whether you use this happy platter as a serving dish or you hang it on the kitchen wall for a splash of color, you can be sure of one thing; fun times are ahead!

This fun and functional handcrafted platter features a mosaic inset and gold leaf trim and is signed on the back by the artist.

12 in x 23 in