Intuitive Interior | Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Large Mid-century Leaf Chandelier

Re-decorating requires thoughtful planning, budget constraints and color schemes. Unless of course your intuitive interior decorator, then you just fill your space with lovely things that cross your path. 

This large, mid-century “leaf” chandelier was handcrafted in Italy and features a gold plated finish and handcrafted glass leaves.

20 in tall x 34 in wide


The Right Fit | Large Contemporary Bubble Glass Lamp

Large Contemporary Bubble Glass Lamp

Living inside your bubble is only a faux pas if you never come out for some fresh air. It’s alright to host a dinner party every now and then, but don’t forget to mix and mingle outside of the home every now and then!

This large contemporary bubble glass lamp is just the right fit.

10 in wide x 28 in tall


Smoking Hot | 1970s 6-light Smoked Glass Chandelier

1970s 6-light Smoked Glass Chandelier

While smoking cigarettes may not be as sexy as it used to be, a good smokey eye, Smokey the Bear, and smoked glass are still very much “in”.

This 1970s 6-light chandelier features smoked glass and would be absolutely perfect for the entry way or small dining area.

14 in tall x 14 in wide


Return to You | Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamp

Large Mid-century Ceramic Lamp

If you feel imbalanced, like the world around you is slowly falling apart, perhaps it's a sign that you need a timeout, an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the things that matter the most. Journal, meditate, or listen to relaxing music. Do whatver you have to do to return to you.

This large mid-century ceramic lamp set features an inlayed design.

15 in wide x 22 in tall


The Magical | Large and Classic Ceramic Lamp by Marbro

Large and Classic Ceramic Lamp by Marbro

Audiobooks are great for expanding your mind while your senses focus on other things like driving, but they will never take the place of a physical (and somehow magical) paperback; the weight of knowledge your hand, the sense of accomplishment you feel with every page turned, and the smell of crisp paper. 

This large and classic ceramic lamp by Marbro is the perfect gift for the intellectual in the family who already has every book in the world.  

10 in wide x 38 in tall