Beach Towels and Bathing Suits | Vintage Wicker Etageres

Vintage Wicker Etageres

Though living by the beach has some downsides (i.e. sandy sheets), the positives far outweigh the negatives. Now if only you had a place to amass all your beach towels and bathing suits. 

Each of these vintage wicker etageres features a shelf, drawer space and campaign style hardware. Perfect for your beach house.

80 in tall x 14 in deep x 29 in wide 


The Top Shelf | 1980s Brass Finish Etagere

1980s Brass Finish Etagere

You may not have married a tall drink of water, but he's got a sweet disposition. What he lacks in height he makes up for in kindness. You'd rather spend money on step stools and ladders today than therapy in the future. 

This 1980s brass finish etagere features four glass shelves.

38 in wide x 16 in deep x 76 in tall


Isn't That Swell | Spun Fiberglass Mid-century Patio Set 

Spun Fiberglass Mid-century Patio Set

This set is so nice we won't blame you if you just don't have the heart to put them out in the inclement weather. They'll also look swell in the safety of your home. 

This mid-century patio was set in spun fiberglass, a technique attributed to Russell Woodard

36 in round x 30 in tall


All Hail the Prince | Set of Four Purple Velvet Dining Chairs

Set of Four Purple Velvet Dining Chairs

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get this thing called dinner. Call up your favorite people and invite them to a royal dinner like no other, complete with a Prince playlist, a lot of velvet, and plenty of purple finger foods. 

Each of these four purple velvet dining chairs features a buttoned back and a contrasting fabric design.

24 in deep x 22 in wide x 36 in tall


King's Court | Set of 12 1950s Italian Dining Chairs

Set of 12 1950s Italian Dining Chairs

King and Queen and everything in between. There is nothing more frustrating than hosting a dinner party and having to scour the house for more chairs when invited guests bring a plus one. With this set, you should be covered and then some (unless of course you invite the Kardashian brood.)

This set of twelve 1950’s Italian dining chairs includes ten side chairs and two armchairs and features a timeless design. Need to be reupholstered. 

$695/set of 12

French Country | Set of Vintage Windsor Chairs

Set of Vintage Windsor Chairs

Is it really a French-country kitchen if it doesn't have a few Windsor chairs to hunker down in? Pair them with a chic cushion and the conversations will flow for hours, guaranteed. 

This set of vintage Windsor chairs are a neutral cream color.

20 in wide x 22 in deep x 42 in tall


Important Matters | Mid-century Modern Credenza

Mid-century Modern Credenza

Whether you are a business partner or a life partner, if you want to be taken seriously as a partner, you're going to need a sophisticated way of storing important documents.

This mid-century modern credenza by Bernhardt features a curved front, original hardware, a silverware drawer and cabinet space. 

33 in tall x58 in wide x 21 in deep


Safe and Sound | 1980s Modern-style Cedar Trunk by LANE

1980s Modern-style Cedar Trunk by LANE

This classy trunk will keep all of your quirky collector's items (Beanie Babies, Star Wars bedsheets, mermaid Snuggies) safe and sound.

This 1980s modern-style cedar trunk by LANE features a lacquered finish and sits on a brass-trimmed platform base.  

48 in wide x 17 in tall x 16 1/2 in deep  


Digital Age | Mid-century Walnut Wall Unit

Mid-century Walnut Wall Unit

In today’s digital age the ultimate act of rebellion is to completely check out. Turn off all your devices and curl up with a book instead.

This mid-century wall unit is crafted from dark walnut and features an adjustable shelf, a cabinet, drawer space, and a drop down bar cabinet.

60 in wide x 71 in tall x 16 in deep


Shaking Spirits | Wicker Server/Bar Cart on Wheels

Wicker Server/Bar Cart on Wheels

Though your college bartender days are long gone, you still enjoy mixing and shaking spirits for your closest friends. 

This vintage wicker server/bar cart on wheels features two drawers, a glass top serving area, and a lower shelf.

40 in long x 17 in deep x 36 in tall 


Holier Than Thou | Set of 1920s Mission-style Dining Chairs

Set of 1920s Mission Style Dining Chairs

These chairs may not be holier than thou, but they can sure stand their own when you're having friendly political and religious debates with your neighbors.

This set of 1920s Mission-style dining chairs is reliable yet not stuffy.

18 in wide x 41 in tall x 18 in deep


Modern Dining | Set of 4 Mid-century Style Arm Chairs by GoodForm Co.

Set of 4 Mid-century Style Arm Chairs by GoodForm Co.

This set of four mid-century style arm chairs was crafted with brushed aluminum by the GoodForm Co. Made of the finest quality, each of these chairs features a slightly flexing back and comfortable design. Perfect for a modern dining table.

31 in tall x 22 in wide x 24 in deep 

$795/set of 4

Good, Better, Best | Set of 6 Aluminum Arm Chairs by GoodForm Co.

Set of 6 Aluminum Arm Chairs by Good Form Co.

This set of six arm chairs was crafted with brushed aluminum by the GoodForm Co. in 1955.

Chairs are in good original condition, super comfortable, and would make great dining room chairs. 

22 in wide x 24 in deep x 33 in tall 

$895/ set of 6

Feng Shui & the Art of Selling a House

Feng Shui & the Art of Selling a House

Selling a house is easy right?  That's why realtors charge super low commissions and the whole process is a breeze!

OK - now that we've all had a good laugh, today we're going to look at how, with a bit of homework and some great vintage items, you can make the whole thing not only enjoyable, but incredibly profitable too!

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Heroic Host | Mid-century Style Credenza by Glenn of California

Mid-century Style Credenza by Glenn of California

You take the role of "dinner party host" very seriously. Guests can expect a plethora of crudités, several main courses (complete with vegetarian options), and wine glasses that are always half full. 

This mid-century style credenza by Glenn of California features a large cabinet space and a drawer for linens or silverware. 

72 in wide x 20 in deep x 30 in tall


Botanicals Are Back | Vintage Hand Painted Chest by Stanley Furniture

Vintage Hand Painted Chest

I said it once, and I will say it again. Botanicals are back in the best way…and here to stay.

This vintage hand painted chest by Stanley Furniture features cabinet space and three drawers. 

36 in wide x 51 in tall x 17 in deep


Solo Suey | Asian-style Serving Cart by Century Furniture

Asian-style Serving Cart by Century Furniture

Your days of ordering Chinese takeout for dinner while cramming for the bar exam may be over, but your love for crab rangoon still remains. Instead of eating chop suey solo, invite some friends over for a feast. 

Handcrafted by Century Furniture, this Asian-style server/bar cart features removable wheels and an expanded service area. 

33 in tall x 18 in deep x 46 in wide (64 wide when fully expanded)


Beach House Vibe | Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

Pair of Catalina-style Etageres

If you're hoping to channel that "classic beach house" vibe, then look no further. This pair will surely do the trick. 

This pair of Catalina-style etageres is made of reed and rattan and features a grasscloth trim and cabinet space. Depending on your needs, this multi-functional pair could be used as bar cabinets, record player holders, bookshelves, and more!  

35 W x 19 d x 74 tall