Language Limits | Large 1980s The Human Language Print

Large 1980s The Human Language Print

Language is limiting. Trying to label the feelings we are feeling with our limited vocabulary is not only a waste of time, it blocks us from processing them and letting them go. Try incorporating interpretive dance or miming into your expression. You never know, it might be more effective! 

This large 1980s print depicts the alphabet in a unique way…with Mimes! Entitled “the human language,” this print was both custom framed and matted.

38 in wide x 48 in tall 


Night Owl Syndrome | Mid-century Owl Painting

Mid-century Owl Painting

Though you no longer spend long hours dancing on dimly lit dance floors, you still haven’t been able to shake your night owl syndrome. You’re quite content, though, with perusing vintage furniture online while your loved ones sleep soundly. 

This mid-century owl painting knows who’s who. 

32 in wide x 40 in tall


Delicate Serenity | Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

Vintage Chinese Screen Prints

You are bombarded with flashing images and notifications from the moment you open your eyes. The last thing you need on your walls is something that’s going to distract you from your loved ones even more.

Each of these vintage Chinese screen prints c. 1962 features a gold leafed bamboo frame.

16 in wide x 40 in tall


Colorful Kitchen | Painting of Flowers with Bumble Bee

Painting of Flowers with Bumble Bee

Need a mood boost early in the morning? Add a splash of color above the Keurig. While you’re waiting for your personality to finish brewing, you’ll be subliminally evoking some good vibes into your brain. Score!

This painting of flowers with bumble bee, c.1975 captures the simplicity of life without oversimplifying it.

26 1/2 in wide x 33 in tall 


Majestic Core | Framed Photograph of Golden Gate Bridge

Framed Photograph of Golden Gate Bridge

Today San Francisco may better known for overpriced lattes and high rent than bell bottoms and counterculture ideals, the majestic core of the city remains.

This San Francisco photograph suggests that while the Golden Gate Bridge is a visual masterpiece, it’s not all the SF has to offer. 

23 in tall x 43 in wide


Anti-social Intelligence | Vintage Met Print of Seated Cat Scroll

Vintage Met Print of Seated Cat Scroll

There are dog people, and then there are intellectuals. Cat people have absolutely no problem curling up with a good book in lieu of attending pretty much any social gathering.

This vintage print of a “Seated Cat” was originally painted on a scroll by Zhu Ling in the early 1800s. The original scroll belongs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

15 in wide x 42 in tall


Urban State of Mind | Union Station Serigraph by Armond Field

Union Station Serigraph

Though Armond started out as professional advertising and market researcher, he made a career shift midway through his life and became a writer instead. He also dabbled in painting, graphic art, and intricate silkscreen prints of urban and rural scapes. 

This “Union Station” Serigraph was hand cut and stenciled by California artist Armond Field in 1984

31 in x 44 in 


Graceful Yet Gritty | 1978 'Dance is Work' Print

Dance is Work Print

It's hard to believe that Harvey Edwards first began his photography career in the Air Force. during the Vietnam war.  Now and days he is better known for his graceful yet gritty images of ballerinas than for his images of soldiers and war. 

This 1987 'Dance is Work' print by Harvey Edwards is an original.

25 in wide x 38 in tall


Elegant Fierceness | 1970s Tiger Fabric Art

1970s Tiger Fabric Art

Whether you are bouncing around with Tigger or eating GREAAAT frosted flakes with Tony the Tiger, there's no denying the elegant fierceness that tigers bring to the occasion.

This 1970s fabric art of tigers is better than the Cat’s Meow, it’s the Tiger’s Roar. 

37 in tall x 55 in wide


Go With It | Large Vintage Abstract

Large Vintage Abstract

Depending on which side of the bed you woke up on, you could interpret this painting several ways. You might look at it and be inspired to tackle all of your ToDo's or you might be perfectly content with taking it easy. Whatever you feel, go with it. 

This large vintage abstract features metallic paint.

36 in x 48 in


Adjust Your Sails | Original Tall Ship Painting

Original Tall Ship Painting

Ahoy Matey! Though flying sucks these days (paying extra for bags, shrinking legroom, and spotty WIFI), let's not be too harsh with our complaining. There was once a day when traveling meant exposing yourself and your family to starvation, scurvy, or the Bermuda Triangle. 

This original tall ship painting is signed by the artist Foster A. Babcock, ’29. 

24 x 28