Run to the Arms | Vintage Chenille Wing Chair

Vintage Chenille Wing Chair

When all else fails, throw your hands up and run straight to the arms of your comfy wing chair. Bosses demean, partners disappoint, friends flake. Wing chairs, however, will never let you down. 

This vintage wing chair was crafted from soft chenille fabric.

36 in wide x 32 in deep x 42 in tall


Head of the Class | Large Santa Barbara Club Chairs

Large Santa Barbara Club Chairs

This pair is the chair equivalent to linen pants. You want comfort? Think linen. Not only is it breathable, comfortable, and easy on the eyes, but it's just the right amount of class (without being pretentious.)

Each of these large Santa Barbara club chairs was hand crafted with thick Kona cotton and features a high back, hand tacked detailing, and a down cushion.

40 in deep x 40 in tall x 30 in wide


Fanfare and Fireworks | Set of Classic Buttoned Swivel Rocker Chairs

Set of Classic Buttoned Swivel Rocker Chairs

Never one for fanfare and fireworks, you much prefer a quiet night in versus a night out on the town. You feel like the luckiest gal in the world to have found a guy as reclusive as you. 

This set of classic buttoned swivel rocker chairs features a light brown chenille fabric.

33 in tall x 34 in wide x 30 in deep


Pick Pink | Classic Velvet Wing Back Chair

Classic Velvet Wing Back Chair

The new wave of feminism means you can be the CEO AND decorate your office from floor to ceiling in whatever damn color you please, even if it's pink. 

This classic velvet wing back chair is a beautiful deep rose color and features a fully buttoned upholstery. 

41 in tall x 27 in wide x 27 in deep 


Club Comfort | Pair of Vintage Chenille Club Chairs

Pair of Vintage Chenille Club Chairs

With your main squeeze by your side cracking jokes, you know that you can conquer just about any crappy series Netflix throws your way. 

Each of these vintage club chairs are upholstered with a cozy chenille fabric. The pair can swivel and rock with the best of 'em.

34 in wide x 34 in deep x 30 in tall


Click Clack | Oak Desk Chair by SIKES Furniture Co.

Oak Desk Chair by SIKES Furniture Co.

Let's bow our heads in a moment of silence for the long and forgotten typewriter. Though you weren't very forgiving when it came to making typos, you sure did make me feel important with your incessant soothing chatter. 

This vintage oak desk chair was crafted by SIKES Furniture Co. in Buffalo, NY. 

19 in wide x 21 in deep x 34 1/2 in tall


Thumb Tact | Vintage Teak Reading Chair by Domino Nobler

Vintage Teak Reading Chair by Domino Nobler

While millennials are getting thumb cramps from scrolling through their newsfeeds on their iPhones, your thumbs have never been more relaxed as they assist the rest of your hand with holding up the front page of the newspaper. 

This vintage teak reading chair was crafted by Domino Nobler of Denmark.

28 in wide x 30 in deep x 39 in tall


Bottom's Up | Five 1982 Leather Conference Chairs by Knoll

Just because you don't have the title of CEO, doesn't mean you don't have the attitude. You are ok with starting at the bottom, as long as you can sit in style. 

We don’t just have one of these 1982 leather conference room chairs by Knoll, we have five total. 

26 in wide x 28 in deep x 31 in tall


Versatile Partner | Pair of High Back Bamboo Chairs

Pair of Highback Chairs

One day you hope to find a partner to has the same versatility as you; someone who likes to party all night some nights, as well as someone you enjoys curling up with a good book on other nights. 

Each of these high back bamboo chairs swivels and rocks and features a leather trim. Original cushions included. 

34 in wide x 38 in deep x 40 in tall 

$225 each

Rich History | University of Pennsylvania Windsor Chair

University of Pennsylvania Windsor Chair

Founded in 1740, University of Pennsylvania is an institution that has an extremely rich history. Benjamin Franklin, printer, inventor, and founding father served as president of the university until 1755 and then continued to serve as trustee until 1790, when he passed away..

This vintage windsor chair was handcrafted in Massachusetts and features the University of Pennsylvania logo.

23 in wide x 23 in deep x 35 in long


Deep Relaxation | Pair of Vintage Rattan Swivel Chairs

Pair of vintage rattan swivel chairs

With all the hustling and bustling you do every day, it's important to give yourself downtime, even if that means swiveling on your porch with your nose buried deep in a book. 

This pair of vintage rattan swivel chairs come with custom made cushions.

31 in wide x 31 in deep x 27 in tall

$249 each

Grown Up | Pair of Mid-century Asian style Modern Club Chairs

Asian Style modern club chairs

Lately you've been feeling like it's time to grow up a bit. Gone are the days when staying up until the sun comes up sounds appealing. You value brunch eating, flea market hunting and afternoon gardening way more than waking up with a splitting headache. 

This pair of mid-century Asian-style modern club chairs have caned sides, buttoned detailing, and black naugahyde upholstery.

26 in wide x 24 in deep x 30 in tall 


Listen Up | 1960s Leather Vanity Stool

1960s Leather Vanity Stool

You've always been a detailed oriented person. It's exactly why your friends call you before they make a big purchase or place a vote. They know you'll present them with facts, statistics, and a thoughtfully crafted opinion of which way they should lean.

This 1960s leather vanity stool features intricate buttoned detailing.

17 in deep x 22 in wide x 18 in tall


Mint Majesty | Light Green Mid-century Bench

Light Green Mid-century Bench

Let's take a moment to appreciate mint in all of its glory. Not only does it give your mouth a fresh feel, your mojitos taste and your ice cream life, but pale green also gives a hint of color without being too overly dramatic. 

This mid-century bench features a light green velvet upholstery and buttoned detailing.

50 in long x 15 in deep x 19 in tall


Comfort Comes First | Classic Style Sofa by Bassett Furniture

Classic Style Sofa by Bassett Furniture

Once upon a time furniture was built to last, not sell. When you buy a vintage Bassett sofa you are not only getting a long lasting, comfortable place to sit, but also a piece of American history.

This classic style sofa was handcrafted in Virginia by Bassett Furniture. Sofa features elegant, English-style rolled arms and herringbone fabric. 

84 in long x 38 in deep x 32 in tall


Classy Caveman | Handmade and Embossed Tri-leg Milk Stool

Handmade and Embossed Tri-leg Milk Stool

Just because you are planning a camping trip with friends this summer doesn't mean you have to morph into an uncouth caveman. Bring along this collapsable stool for a seating arrangement that's as classy as you. 

This handmade and embossed tri—leg milk stool is dated “1955” on the bottom of the seat. 

18 in tall x 16 in wide