Grown Up | Pair of Mid-century Asian style Modern Club Chairs

Asian Style modern club chairs

Lately you've been feeling like it's time to grow up a bit. Gone are the days when staying up until the sun comes up sounds appealing. You value brunch eating, flea market hunting and afternoon gardening way more than waking up with a splitting headache. 

This pair of mid-century Asian-style modern club chairs have caned sides, buttoned detailing, and black naugahyde upholstery.

26 in wide x 24 in deep x 30 in tall 


Inner Keats | Rattan Desk by McGuire of San Francisco


It's important to create a work environment that is conducive to both creativity and productivity. Awaken your inner Keats with the help of vintage. 

This rare rattan desk by McGuire of San Francisco features caned sides, a leather top, and solid brass pulls in a faux bamboo style.

30 in tall x 48 in wide x 24 in deep


Perfect Partner | Pair of 1960s High Back Wooden Chairs With Low Seat and Caned Sides

Everyone wants to find that someone that they can grow old with while sipping lemonade on the porch. Until then, you will settle for finding the perfect partner chairs. This pair of 1960s wooden chairs are unique because of their caned sides, high back, and low seat.

43 in tall x 27 in wide x 30 in deep


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